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  1. I do not think you are going to be paid anything for publishing or spreading this breech. You have to decide what to do with it but this information will not bring much harm to the company. It is obvious as you have been clearly advised of it. I am from the UK, and where are you from? Even if you spent time working on it, this time looks to be simply wasted.
  2. Hello I found a full breakTo the business versionsAnd the home versionsThe breach is being updatedWhich is a relatively recent hackI will say for a fee
  3. There should be some contacts available on the resource from where you purchased the license. The best approach would be to leave them a request with all the details. They will have to re issue your license I think, or give correct the mistake with your current one. This is what I usually do in such cases.
  4. I stopped using Outlook long ago. I use Gmail postal service. And I normally use it directly from the browser. I am from Texas, worldpostalcode.com/united-states/texas/dallas. And it is always some problems with Outlook here. And Gmail is very convenient to reach from any gadget and from all possible locations. So I made my choice. Who else is using this service?
  5. In mobile app, the registration goes indefinitely for hours.
  6. It seems that only uninstalling Internet Security makes the difference. I cannot workout what actually causes the issue directly.
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