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  1. Thank You ESET team. Whatever you did finally fixed the issue with Chromecast not working. Today is the first time in almost a month that I can view movies from my browser again. I'm so happy, as I felt uncomfortable trying to do those things about changing those HTTPS Ports and all. So once again, Thank you Very Much.
  2. Then why are we waiting for the "Fix"? ....I have been waiting...I got an update from ESET...was told to "Restart" my computer for new settings to take effect...still no Chromecast 😟 Will there ever be a real fix for this issue? If not...should I just cancel/delete my ESET? I have been happy with ESET on my Tablet. I have AVG on my LapTop and have no issue with Chromecast using AVG. Are we sure ESET is working on, what happened, in whatever update they did, that caused Chromecast to stop working? It seems...It should be a relatively easy fix for the their IT brains...I mean...It worked before...they did something...it stopped working...just put back what you changed...Right? Those changes you guys proposed to the "Ports used by HTTPS protocol"....You said that that would leave me less protected, So I have not changed anything....That and the fact that I am not comfortable changing any settings on my security settings. 😏
  3. I have not used the "Work around" yet, as I thought someone mentioned that if I changed the HTTPS protocol, it would leave my computer vulnerable to attack. Did I misunderstand? I'm thinking I should just wait till ESET fixes the issue with another update. Am I right? Plus I hope they get around it soon.
  4. Well... With those words...I think I will wait...lol I can still use Chromecast over my LapTop, since that one is using AVG...unlike my Tablet that is using ESET. It's just that I love my Tablet...things run faster. But I do thank you for replying and your input on this topic. Let's just hope that ESET takes our issues serious enough to try and find a working solution. You have a blessed weekend.
  5. Hi Iamar... If I do those "Steps", will it mess with my "security". Will it leave me open to hacks/attacks? I'm afraid to change anything. I normally just wait till people much smarter then me fix things. Or till my son comes to visit me. He has a degree in Computer Science and is a Controls Engineer. But by the time he visits me again, the bug may be fixed...lol
  6. Hi Blackbox88.... The young lady, Lauren, at Chromecast was super friendly & and so helpful...not mention, patient with me. I truly am computer illiterate. I currently have - ESET Internet Security - - Windows 8.1 Pro(64-bit)
  7. There was an ESET update a few days back. One day I was watching YouTube programs on my TV via Chromecast...The next day, I could not "connect". I kept on getting a message "No Devices Found". I contacted Chromecast Help. And the young lady walked me through all kinds of "Experimental"Extentions"Flags" etc things. Even had me download Google Chrome Canary...But nothing worked. She stated that the issue must be within ESET (That I have on my Tablet). I have AVG on my LapTop and I have no problem "Casting" from it nor from my Smartphone. Chromecast works fine with them. I will give ESET a while to fix this problem...either with an "Update" or a "Patch". If not, then I will remove ESET from my Tablet and go with another Antivirus program. This is the first issue I have run into with ESET. I have no idea what all the talking about "protocol" or "ports" are & am way too far a novice to pretend that I know what I'm doing.
  8. Really??...I do so hope you are right. I have had ESET for several years now. AND I always use my Chromecast to watch movies on my TV. I am elderly and find it difficult to watch programs on my Tablet. I hope ESET can fix the issue it has with blocking Chromecast, soon. Maybe by the next update? I am computer illiterate and do not understand all the "Port" things you fellows are talking about.
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