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  1. I wonder if our email server is the only one suffering from the massive junk mail from outlook.com, and there's no solution from Eset at all. thank you for your attention.
  2. Hi marcos, I don't know how to do that, and since my interface is Chinese Simplified edition, could you please give me more guide to get the logs? thanks.
  3. Hi Marcos, thanks for remind. I have zipped 4 eml into the zip pack for your reference. thank you.
  4. As the spam from outlook.com is getting more & more, wish I can get some help or solution today....
  5. Hi All, I'm new to this forum, seeking for help. Recently our exchange server sp3 with Eset mail security is suffering from spam mails from @outlook.com, the spam function works for most other spam mail but the outlook.com. Even if I use the black list domain function and make outlook.com as a blacklisted domain, my outlook mail still can go through. But this is not the way I wish to solve the problem as there could be users sending regular message from outlook.com. Attached Picture for all for refencene and expecting Eset can help me with this. thank you. eml files.zip
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