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  1. Hello, On Samsung, I had no problem with But a few minutes ago when connecting my second Samsung Galaxy (A41), not yet version but a notification specifying that the anti-theft was not completely configured appeared a few moments before disappearing (while Microsoft OneDrive was updated via Google Play Store). That's right (blocking the device if you remove the SIM card is not activated) but this notification had never appeared on A41. Is it on the server side that this is happening ? Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me / someone from ESET could say more? I'm still waiting a bit before updating to on A51. Good evening / Good day to you.
  2. I really have a problem with the version number. To sum up: Your current version is probably (the one with problems). The corrected version to expect is Phew sorry...
  3. Hello, Version 7.0.16 has just been released on the Play Store for my Samsung A51 ... but I'll wait a bit before installing it. 😉 Michel
  4. Hello L Olsson, If you have ESET Mobile version 7.15 installed, this is the problem. Probably not Xiaomi / MIUI. See these two posts : Version 7.16 has just been released on the Play Store for Samsung A51 ... but I'll wait a bit before installing it. 😉 Please check the Play Store for your device. The update may be available. Regards Michel
  5. Perfect ! Thanks for this info, Peter.
  6. Indeed, I had read the other post on this specific subject. The update which is in development, compatible with Android 12, seems delicate.
  7. Hello, Yesterday, after updating several apps through Play Store and restarting the device, the icon and notification finally disappeared. But as soon as there was a new app update through Play Store, the rotating icon and a notification reappeared. Finally, I uninstalled and reinstalled ESET Mobile Security: it is the old version which was again available on the Play Store. And everything works as before. Watch out for the next update but probably less buggy. Michel
  8. ESET Mobile (version server = non-beta) (Premium license). Samsung Galaxy A51, Android 11, One UI 3.1., Security patch July 1, 2021. Hello, Since October 2, I have seen several issues after regularly updating to : First, the automatic scan "with charger" was active while inactive on But above all, a notification asked to activate the authorization on all files… already active. Another notification informed me that I had to enable anti-phishing protection on Chrome while it was active in the app. The last notification is not erasable. When updating any application via Google Play Store, the ESET icon (top left of the screen) rotates continuously and a notification indicates the last updated application. The icon rotates continuously and the notification is not erasable. You have to restart the smartphone for the icon to stop but the notification regarding anti-phishing appears again. Non-erasable notification. Note that "Permanent notification" in the notification settings is unchecked. Today, version 7.0.15 no longer seems to be offered by Play Store for A51. Ditto for my second Samsung (A41) which remains on version On A51 I cannot go back except by reinstalling the app. I only want to do this as a last possibility. And it would be useless if 7.0.15 reinstalls itself. Might as well wait for a new update. Thanks for reading my post and sorry for my English. Michel Brussels (French)
  9. After a good TV evening, I see that Brussels is again under protection : 21451. A (long) (late) spring cleaning is always good. It takes what it takes.
  10. Hello, Same here in Brussels, Belgium : looking for an update OK but last update of the modules 14 hours ago (21449).
  11. Hello, I had the same dots problem in the notifications, planner (...) in the French version of EIS and I noticed today that it was resolved without me doing anything. ESET server problem ? The only modules updated recently are : (sorry for my English)
  12. In fact, the installation file at address https://support.eset-nod32.fr/kb2788/ installs an old version. The one at the address https://www.eset.com/be-fr/download-home/ installs the last one. ESET should update its support pages (all languages may not be affected). The local support ticket has been closed.
  13. The uninstall / reinstallation solved the problem of notifications. The Tools / Notifications menu is complete. For your information, the installer first installed version, I let the first scan of the computer and then restart the PC for the automatic installation of Everything is OK. But if it is necessary to go through the reinstallation, it is too bad. ... I have just received a notification. I received a local customer service ticket. This one will see if there is a bug somewhere. Thanks again.
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