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  1. Hi Marcos, I think it's more like explorer.exe is infected and trying to make an outgoing connection. When this happens, Eset reacts and close explorer.exe The Loaris Trojan Remover fixed me an issue long time ago that Eset couldn't so that's the reason I'm keeping it... About the ESET Log Collector Logs, I'm downloading the last version but it's the same I have. We are going to keep buying the Eset 20+1 Server licenses for our business tomorrow (our license expires on 27 July) because it's incredibly smooth and good your product we just would like to know what would you recommend us to do with our issue...
  2. Hi Marcos, first of all thanks for your kind response. Attached here you will find the required file. Thanks.efsw_logs.zip
  3. Hi, We are facing issue in windows server 2008 R2, eset file security software installed. Every 5-10 minutes all the desktop items disappear. The only way to keep using the PC is going to the task manager and starting the process explorer.exe or logoff the system. I attach the event log. We would be very grateful for any sugestion you may have.
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