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  1. Thank you for your response, Marcos. As far as I remember this setting you showed on the screenshot been there for a long time. Does this mean the new telemetry data which is introduced in recent version is a part of 'Customer Experience Improvement Program' ?
  2. If you look at the change log for 12.2.23 you may noticed a new addition "Added: New Telemetry settings collected from our users" For some reason It's only written when you look for it at download page and click on 'Configure download', and I don't see anything about telemetry in recent change log which was posted here in forum few days ago. Guess it would be nice to provide your customers with more details about this new telemetry thing, the way it works, information it gathers and if we are able to turn it off. Been searching myself any related information but haven't found anything so far.
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