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  1. I should be most appreciative if the Administrator of this thread could close this thread and delete it. Thank you
  2. Please accept my apologies for having posted my inquiry. I am profoundly humbled by the chastising I have received. Not surprisingly when I contacted Avast about this issue they suggested I not ever use ESET. The Administrator of this topic may close and also delete my question. Thank you
  3. So, does the response above mean that there is a problem or that there is no problem that I should be concerned about. A clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Recently and seemingly out of the blue when running ESET Scan, ESET is detecting a virus stemming from my Avast Anti-Virus. I have been running Avast for several years and within that time frame I have also run ESET multiple times. Heretofore I have never received any warning from ESET indicating an issue from Avast. It appears that ESET is detecting a problem but is unable to delete or quarantine the pesky malignancy. Attached you will find a Screen Shot of the ESET scan results indicating a problem. Is this a matter I should be concerned with or should something be done to resolve this issue? Thank you.
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