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  1. The Japanese version release may be delayed about a month compared to the international version. Currently, the international version is, but the Japanese version is still Why can't I select Japanese in the international version? I think this is a disadvantage for Japanese users.
  2. When will encryption module v1034 be provided?
  3. Yesterday, I installed the Engilish version on another PC and checked the encryption module. The version was 1034. Is it a Japanese version that causes a problem?
  4. Thank you. The Japanese version seems to have an old encryption module. Version:1028.2
  5. I am using, the latest version of Internet Security Japanese. But we do not communicate by TLS1.3. Even if the server side supports TLS1.3, it communicates with TLS1.2. When I asked Japanese support, they answered that they did not support TLS 1.3. What about the English version etc? Many other security software vendors already support TLS 1.3, and ESET seems to be behind.
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