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  1. I was thinking the same thing and its probably true. But then again it does affect certain functionality. For example when I'm logging in with IR webcam it seems to block the first attempt windows does to turn on IR and then it succeeds on second attempt. And I'm in the process of seeing exactly how long I wait from to dismiss the lock screen and seeing if it makes a difference in whether the keyboard works. Just a hypothesis but I think I've seen a pattern where I have to wait a bit but not too long and the keyboard works. 

    Edit: I'm gonna turn on logging for all blocked operations to see if its listed there.

  2. I've had an issue with my type cover for my surface pro 5 not being recognized when it is plugged in from day one. it happens all the time, using my surface pro is not something i can count on cause of this issue. i have bought both the surface and type cover from major retailers and the correct model, ive tried reinstalling windows, drivers, cleaning the contacts with alcohol. it just wont recognize until it wants to. just today, after it started working, i went into the drivers for the type cover in device manager and was surprised to see one of the 3 drivers being issued by eset. i dont know if this is the problem but it seems likely. its called 'ekbdflt.sys'. snapshot is attached. thanks for any help you can provide!


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