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    Prayer1 gave kudos to Nightowl in ESSP Password manger   
    I believe they are both safe , but ESET would be more safer.
    Normally malicious software will target Password Managers of Firefox and Chrome because normally that what everyone uses, ESET could be more protected against this type of attacks and more safer to use.
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    Prayer1 gave kudos to peteyt in YEARS Of Eset Internet Security, will I have to move on? HELP APPRECIATED!   
    As mentioned i don't use the password manager as I have a lifetime license with another one. You could always download a trial of the premium version and see if you prefer it. Same with eset mobile. I belive it can be purchased possibly through the play store but as a customer you could contact sales and maybe they'd be able to sort a deal with premium to.
    As for chrome as I mentioned last time best thing to do is download and give it a try and see if you prefer it over Firefox. Everyone has their own favourites and some people don't trust Google. At least by trying you can choose what works best for you
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