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  1. O just noticed 1 license equals 5vorcam I losing my mind?. Also is it the same with premium? Sorry for bugging you. Also I'd appreciate help here, how do I add a computer?
  2. What if your have 2? Like they both have the same license key 🔑 but Desktop is different you know where it says desktop?
  3. Created account my eset and deactivated the broken computers protection. Now I'm going to Uninstall, then instal eset internet security on the new laptop and add the license to my eset
  4. Well I manged to, after much prayer, get all the info you need. Well according to the eset page. You know how you press ctrl + u and it shows that info? Well ya. Anyway do I need to Uninstall the eset on this laptop with broken screen? I mean it would make sense to.... I'm going to go ahead and just Uninstaller it from control panel. Or is that not enough to remove key?
  5. It powers up but the screen is screwed. This sucks you need that computers eset info to transfer it to another computer. If I were to just transfer it off pc to new laptop then it would cancel eset on that pc. Ugh all this just transfer. Irritating I had dang CD. HAD stuff clean so who knows it is.
  6. Ya im aware of that, all i care about is getting the code transfered which you explained. Im aware of back ups. Best buy can do it. Another loss in translation. I have the pc part handled but thats irrelevant.
  7. How do I move code to another computer I have 2 an 1 is on a broken laptop. So I want to keep the other one in place but move the one from the broken laptop to my other laptop. I'd look it up but having to use phone for now and its buggy until I get home Thanks
  8. Obviously don't mind at all updating my eset but my windows 10 I have a problem with. But I have till late February to update my windows to 20h2. And yes my eset is always up to date.
  9. This is what im talking about.. Having windows automatically get updates. I get for this one you need to update your eset and Windows to 20h2. By what date do you need to do this because my eset is fully up to date but would like to wait as long as possible to update to 20h2. The deadline spring 2021 which is March 20th. Will this be like this every update? I know its impossible to tell but you know like a big deal...?
  10. What about doing the ESET INTERNET SECURITY DEAL AND ADDING SEAT WILL I BE CHARGED DOUBLE. I mean obviously I'm already charged for June's of last year but will it charge me again if I do eset deal? Eh instead of saving 10$ id be paying more and causing more of a headache so I guess just add seats which will it be 10$ per set still? Also I thout premium allowed your to encrypt folders or pass lock? Not just this encrypt an image which I can do with pgp.....
  11. Ugh you should learn Russian. Its a smooth language an no crazy rules like other languages like English. Also for example how it sounds is how IT IS SPELLED and how it is spelled is how IT IS PRONOUNCED. Anyway must be language barrier because this confused me and gave me impression I have to be up to date on the dot for MS10 an change the settings for updates to be automatic and as soon as released..I can't remember exactly where I saw it but its in this area. https://support-eol.eset.com/en/ Also if this is a misunderstanding is there anyway I can add number of devices without re buying the entire thing? Also instead of renewing which I hope it hasn't yet, is it better to cancel then do the deal their offering this time of year. Also is that password and image encryption worth it?
  12. Maybe but ya good luck finding a support number with a human or even robotic help. The forum admins and moderators are horrible. So basically it was a not our problem gist and just pointing the finger.
  13. No I'm talking MS 10. I like to wait as long as possible before updating as to give more time for the bugs to be fixed etc. Like I delayed it to January 23 2021.
  14. No, postponing MS 10 updates. Im on the newest update for EIS. I just don't want to have to update instantly when a MS 10 update rolls out. Like right now I have 20h2 delayed till the 23rd.
  15. Already been there done that. Basically said to ask you. Hmm oh well. No help at all. Thanks for your time. I guess I'll look else where. Have a good day
  16. Thanks for your time and help. The question does make sense but I'm probably not wording it right to you english speakers. Will it be the same as before basically? Just few changes. I have MS 10 Home. Installed on 12/1/2020, 19041.685 OS BUILD. Its a laptop spectra touch screen and it sucks so far. 476GB with 64.5GB USED already when all I've done is instal firefox. 16GB RAM, Its a HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15 T I core i7. And ya obviously changing av isn't going to change MS 10's forcing you to update athest at some point. I was pretty sure saw that we would ALWAYS NEED TO update the second its available. Like, change your update settings to update whenever and automatically when new updates arrive.
  17. Oh sorry Marcos my bad won't happen again.. Can you help? Also please don't delete my post and please help @peteyt Im asking will I have to update instantly each time an update rolls out? Like you know how you can delay windows 10 updates for a while an let the bugs gets sorted? Will I still be able to do that? Or will I have to go to settings and put everything or main updates to update early?
  18. From what I gathered this new spyware update (windows 10 20h2 or whatever) will cause eset problems requiring you to do things which of course can always cause issues but prayerfully not.. Also my main hatred of this is I have to set my Windows 10 to update immediately! Their updates are already filled with bugs and the official release is a beta. Its why I and MANY MANY others, like to delay the update as long as possible, to give it more time for the updates bugs to be fixed somewhat if at all. I forget how long did it take them to fix the windows search bar around a year? I was able to hold off updating until they patched it sadly. Anyway about a year. Also who knows what other bloatware, spyware and settings you will have to go back and change IF YOU EVEN CAN ANYMORE. Also I hear this is just one of a string of updates and more fun to come 2021.. What do you all think having to update instantly and is it just the main update or ALL OF THEM? And who knows if an update will cause serious issues to eset. Which another fun thing having to do all those things to Uninstaller before updating among other things. Im on the latest 14 but haven't update to spyware 20h2 yet... My second thought is Kaspesky which I hear great things. Any opinions on it Norton? I know asking on a eset forum lol.... Norton 360 is a HUGE NO, as it has great advertisement but its trash. Or Webroot Secure Anywhere whatever best version is and Malwarebytes (maybe premium or just keep free). Very last option is Bitdefender but i just list it cause.. there is no way... Also aren't some features not working with EIS OR EPS or both? Thank you for reading. Please help. I have Eset on recurring btw on * doesnt matter. But I have NO IDEA how to log onto forum which I think I already created one. I really want to stay, so your loyal customer, Thanks
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