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  1. Yes, it's a private IP address. It's for a security appliance. That was eluded to in the initial post when I mentioned that it was for a load balancer. And yes Marcos, I thought that too except it is the case. Since it seems like this isn't a known issue, I'll go ahead and open a support case. I'll report back here with the results.
  2. Thank you both for the reply. I've tried the steps in KB7241 with no luck. I've also tried setting my profile to pre-release updates with no change.
  3. We are having an issue with HTTPS filtering where we are unable to access certain websites (mostly for appliances, load balancers, etc. that have a self-signed signature) even after adding an exclusion for the website in Chrome or any browser that uses the Chrome rendering engine (Opera, for example). One such example prompts us upon going to the site, we hit to allow the exclusion always and other browsers work but Chrome is giving the below message. It works in Chrome if ESET 7 is not installed. Even disabling ESET does not allow it to work, the product has to be completely removed!
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