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  1. Hi Can you check with xxxxxx ? Its not having any trial license. Check my License Public ID: 3AG-NS5-WMA and is it valid one or not? Also, if I try to register the license key, system prompt "General Error" but not any messages like "invalid license key". Check your end and suggest.
  2. Hi Public ID is showing under the license key in LICENSE ADMINISTRATOR. I hv created another mail ID "XXXX" and try to register again. But same error occurred. Its 25 user license and "License is not registered, Please register your license to use it" showing in LICENSE ADMINISTRATOR Dashboard. "Units: 0 / 25" also displayed in Dashboard. I have purchased this license recently. Is it fake one?
  3. Unable to register license in EBA Account & error "General Error" occurred. EBA Account : License Public ID: 3AG-NS5-WMA
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