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  1. Was the Detection engine version 23635 (20210716) at the time of detection? you can check this under detection details in ESET Protect.
  2. Which specific version of 7zip is it? The versions from the official website does not seem to have this issue. Update: could you provide the hashes of the objects being detected?
  3. Hi Jeffry, Thank you for your message. The best way to exclude this detection would be to create an advanced exclusion. Below an example of an advanced exclusion to exclude code injection triggered by a legitimate process: <definition> <operations> <operation type="CodeInjection"> <operator type="and"> <condition component="CodeInjectionInfo" property="CodeInjectionType" condition="is" value="ApcQueue" /> <condition component="FileItem" property="FileName" condition="is" value="ppwatchersvc64.exe" /> <condition component="FileItem" property="Path" condition="is" value="%PROGRAMFILES%\path\app\" /> </operator> </operation> </operations> </definition> Change the FileName and Path accordingly. As mentioned above, this is an example, you can add or remove some conditions if needed. Then Select the rules being triggered and this should exclude the detections. I also noted that you location is the Netherlands. If you are looking for Dutch support or have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us via https://techcenter.eset.nl/nl/new-ticket Best regards,
  4. Hi, What you are describing sounds like a DB performance issue. What are the server specs?
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