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  1. I used the Mirror Tool to create a offline repository. I wanted an English, Windows version of Antivirus Security. I used the following commands: MirrorTool.exe --mirrorType regular ^ --repositoryServer AUTOSELECT ^ --intermediateRepositoryDirectory E:\Temp\IntermediaryFiles ^ --outputRepositoryDirectory E:\Temp\FinalRepository --languageFilterForRepository en_US ^ --productFilterForRepository Antivirus Security ^ --offlineLicenseFilename c:\temp\Esetendpointsecurityforwindows.lf But I also get the files for Linux, Mac and all Languages. Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks
  2. So, are you saying it is not possible for the clients to get their updates directly the ESMC server ? We did it this way in v5
  3. The machines do connect to the Internet via a proxy, but the customer decides what web sites are accessible. I realize some features such as Live Grid will not be available So the clients show up on the ERA Console, reporting that they are connecting every 20 mins. But they are not receiving updates. Does all of the update communication between the client and the ERA go via 2222. If not which port does it use. Looking at this diagram https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/ports_used.html, I assume all updates would go via port 2222 ?
  4. Hi Marcos, My email to support was initially blocked because of the log file. The case number raised is 376091, support advised us how to create and apply an Offline activation. It seems the client is now activated – but the Endpoint fails to update the Modules. Times out, trying to find the server. Although the Console is showing the client as connecting every 20 mins When I create the installer from the ESMC, do I have specifically configure it so the updates come from the ESMC. Or is this automatic ? What else can I check to establish why it is not finding the update server ? Thanks
  5. I have ESMC version 7.1.12006.0 Server was installed with standard port of 2222 Operating System is Windows Server 2016 Standard All clients on the same LAN as the server install and activate ok, and are fully functional Clients (mix of Windows 7 and Windows 10) on a remote customer’s network have a restricted connection to my local LAN. Port 2222 is open to allow traffic. From the client computer, I can ping the server. After installing the client, it fails to activate. Although the clients are listed on the ESMC console, but show errors because they are not receiving updates When run a repair on the Eset Management agent, it confirms that the connection to the server is Server: 2222 The clients connect to the Internet through a Proxy. From a browser, when I enter https://edf.eset.com/edf it displays the xml code <ecp:message xmlns:ecp="hxxp://www.eset.com/2012/02/ecp"> <ecp:response> <code>20101003</code> <message>Unsupported Content-type: unknown</message> </ecp:response> </ecp:message> From the client, I have also tried to activate the client via my license key After a long delay, if fails and says it could not reach the activation server with an error code of ECP.20003 When I try to activate via the Security Admin Account login, I get this screen about ‘Unit Distributions’ ? I also logged the above message via the web site, and direct to au.support@eset.com but did not receive any confirmation that a support case is created. Note, everything worked fine previously with v5 of the ESMC and v5 clients. Please help, what else do I have to get this clients activated ?
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