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    Michael Erni received kudos from LesRMed in Countdown configuration on Reboot or Shutdown task   
    Hi there,
    By default the reboot (or shutdown) alert is set with a 30 second delay. Is it possible to modify this in order to leave for example 5 minutes?
    If it is not currently configurable, could this be possible for the next release?
    This is in case the user is not in front of the workstation when the task is triggered.
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    Michael Erni gave kudos to Ufoto in Endpoint doesn't auto-update to 9.0.2046   
    Hi Marcos,
    I understand that this is the first time you are pushing updates this way, however I wanted to ask whether there will be a more official channel where we can track when a new version will be rolled out. Additionally, having the option to change that time frame would be ideal as in my opinion using an outdated version for nearly two months is too much. A month should be more than sufficient for any critical issues to surface. 
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    Michael Erni gave kudos to LesRMed in Endpoint doesn't auto-update to 9.0.2046   
    I agree, 30-60 days is a bit much. Plus, having to see the big red bar of outdated products for that long drives me crazy. I usually start manually upgrading my endpoints after a few days of seeing that. As you can see, I've already started pushing it out this morning. Kind of defeats the whole "automatic update" feature.

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