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  1. Hi there, By default the reboot (or shutdown) alert is set with a 30 second delay. Is it possible to modify this in order to leave for example 5 minutes? If it is not currently configurable, could this be possible for the next release? This is in case the user is not in front of the workstation when the task is triggered. Regards, Mike
  2. Totally agree with LeaRNed about that. It will be great to have a possibility to customize that chart ourselves or an other bar with "Auto-update status" that check client match auto-update last version. It would also be nice to have a table with the list of auto-update versions and the release date. For example at the end of the page: https://help.eset.com/protect_admin/90/en-US/auto_updates.html Regards
  3. Hi, No, it's a requirement from the contractor who install M-Files GED Systems. I found the same exclusion recommendation from M-Files Web site https://www.m-files.com/user-guide/2018/eng/m-files_and_virus_scanning.html
  4. Dear All, I'm trying to add a Process exclusion with a Wildcard on the path. Unfortunately the path checker seems not allow that. The current path is C:\Program Files\Application\21.12.10943.6\Bin\x64\process.exe and I want to replace the version number by a *. Like: C:\Program Files\Application\*\Bin\x64\process.exe. That because we don’t want to redo the policy every time the contractor update software version There is a way to override that ? I really need to put the full path to the EXE file or can just give “Process.exe” in that particular case ? I’ve try to find my answer into the ESET KB but I didn’t relay find a “Path fromat” for that section. Thank you in advance, Regards
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