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  1. We are an enterprise company and we've been using Eset End Point protection since 4 years now with a good satisfaction level pertaining performance, protection and light on PCs. We are at a point to renew our ESET subscription and co-incidentally came across the link https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/endpoint-protection-platforms/compare/cylance-vs-eset Where it says the below from some Users Cylance Vs ESET Comparison : Ø ESET are known to be light on computing resources (good) but VERY LOW efficacy against both known and unknown attacks (bad). Ø According to NSS Labs 2018/2019 ESET scored less than 90% in their overall protection while we scored 99.1% and 98.1%. Ø ESET users complain about Ransomware Protection being very poor. Check the following: https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/endpoint-protection-platforms/compare/cylance-vs-eset Ø ESET claim to use of Machine learning, but this may only be to generate the signatures. Ø Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is Cylance’s bread and butter. In this space, Cylance is lightyears ahead! Ø Cylance stays ahead of the adversary on average by 25 months. I request to give us insights about Ransomeware protection level by Eset in comparison to Cylance Protect product. This will help immensely to make a beneficial decision for the organization it work for. Regards Perplexed IT Admin.
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