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  1. In case anyone encounter same problem here is my fix. Completely uninstall ESET. Remove all previous installation files. Then completely activate Windows Defender. Restart and update Defender. After letting Defender be the main virus software of the OS, install ESET with using offline installation package. I dont know but this worked some how.
  2. Hello Itman. Thats the first thing I tried and didnt worked.
  3. Well yesterday I just work to find a solution till 01:30 late night. Installed-reinstalled the software. Searched forums tried to find a solution nothing worked. I dont think its Windows fault it is working just fine without ESET installed. So I am not installing it again to just troubleshoot and find myself desperate to find a solution and with more headaches. I dont have time and its not my job. I am not an IT technician.
  4. Thank you for your help. But I uninstalled Eset after nearly 11 years. My system is much more better now no lockups or endless update searches of ESET. This software is not ready for 1903. I am not installing it again until it is fully compatible.
  5. I checked that section its like the attached image.
  6. Hello! This is my first post in this forum. I recently updated my windows 10 to 1903 version. There is a service called Windows Antimalware Executable that I cannot disable since I have a NOD32 Antivirus software. It uses my %10 cpu all the time. I checked all the policies, services about Windows defender and all seems to be disabled. Can you help me :(
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