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  1. 3 hours ago, Linxue said:

    Oh, and for some reason it´s using all my C drive capacity as well.....I´ve had almost 150TB written in the past week....that´s more that I´ve had for the past year....

    And this is after having the computer turned on for maybe 6hours or so....nothing to do with start-up....



    Try collecting logs and share here. Then uninstall ESET. 150 PB in a week? This is really hurting your HDD. On the forum I see another user also having similar high ram usage issue. Wait for ESET to find out the root of the problem, fix it and then install ESET again. 

  2. Description: Logging of dropped packets/blocked connections in Interactive Firewall mode

    Detail: When I deny access to something in Interactive firewall mode there's no way to later check what site that particular app tried to connect. It would be very useful if all the dropped packets can be log so that one can later check everything and do the research if required. This logging shouldn't be enabled by default but there should be an option to enable that when the user activate Interactive mode from advanced settings.

    Discussion moved to https://forum.eset.com/topic/23153-logging-of-dropped-packetsblocked-connections-in-interactive-firewall-mode/

  3. Description: A Manage application section like Kaspersky or an Application network rules section like Kaspersky or maybe both.

    Details: Currently there is no way to know which programs I ran on my PC that was trusted by Eset or not. By having an Application manager it would make really easy give a detailed representation. Eset already kind of has this but that's for running processes only but not for all the products and also this window just shows information but I can't interact with it like it's possible in Kaspersky.

    And for Firewall, it's possible to add rules for specific programs of course but it would be better if there was list of all applications to show what is set to allowed by Eset and what not. This should be interactive too so if a user want to deny let's say "Cleaner" internet connection then the he/she would select Ccleaner from the list and deny it internet access instead of the current situation where user need to manually browser the program to block it in Firewall. The current implementation should always be there of course but my proposed interface would make everything much easier. Also a program can have multiple files that access to the internet. From this list it would be much easier to find that out. So, overall user experience would improve a lot.

    To have a closer look you may try installing Kaspersky to understand how this two mode works on their product. I don't want Eset to have the exact same to same that Kaspersky has but the basic idea should be the same.
    I love Eset because it's great product and super lite. But I want Eset to have these features. I'm sure it's not just me but everybody would appreciate it and it will make the product even better.




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