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  1. I included GoogleUpdate to list of applications excluded from modification detection (since Chrome didn't appear), and restarted my computer. It's all back to normal now, so that wasn't such a big deal after all, I guess.. And yes, a friend told me that Chrome runs the update service in the background when launched. Kind of annoying to have it update without telling you anything but oh well....
  2. I got exactly the same issue which started today. I launched Google Chrome and I got notified by ESET that something was attempting to modify Chrome, which never had happened with Chrome before, or at least not while I was opening it. So I told ESET to deny the changes, but it gave me a "Failed to read firewall configuration" error. It immediately started blocking Chrome, despite it having the necessary permissions to go through. I haven't tried any other filtering methods nor have I restarted my computer since. I disabled my firewall and chrome works as usual. It's the first time something li
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