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  1. Apparently it was some issue with the DB administrator account, after I run a repair of ESMC installation and re-set the administrator password I was able to login again. Everything It's working just fine, test some terminals and now I just had to set the same IP to the new server. Thanks for all the support!
  2. I've finish the migration and works fine, the terminals communicate with the new server after I update the agents to the new IP address. But then when I tried to restore the MS SQL backup from the old server to the new one, started show up some problems. When I try to connect, give me the error "Login failed: Connection has failed with state 'Not connected'". It was a migration from MS SQL 2008 to MS SQL 2014, I did it the default backup and restore, I'm missing some configuration? Thank you so much!
  3. Sorry for taking too long, I'm returning to this project now. I'm setting up the new server with the ESMC 7.1, I will import/export everything I can. It is possible to use the certificate in 2 server for a brief moment? Or I will have to disable the old server during this time? I would like to test a small amount of terminals, pointing manually to the new server just to see if the communication works fine, I will be able to export the certificate from the old server and import to the new server, keeping the certificate running on the old server? Thanks for the help!
  4. Sorry for taking too long to reply. Right, but in this case I won't be able to use this certificate? There's any cost to generate another one? Since I won't be able to add new agents with the old certificate. The export/import tool works between different versions? Like the ERA 6.1 and ESMC 7.1? Thanks for the help!
  5. I get it, so I will have to export/import the certificate, after exporting the certificate from the old server to the new one, the agents will start to communicate and appear in Lost&Found group, right? I'm saying this, because I won't be able to export the database with clients, policies and everything from the old server to the new one, since the old ERA server is using MySQL and the new ESMC uses Sql Server 2012. Reconfigure the new server settings Its simply, but if I had to reinstall the agents from all terminals will be a hard task. Thank you for helping.
  6. Good morning. Thanks for the advice MartinK! I'm considering install the ESMC 7.1 on the new server and simply update to the same IP/DNS from the old one, doing this the endpoint terminals will appear at the Lost&Found right? Thanks again!
  7. Thank You MichalJ! We're gonna upgrade the ESET server and migrate to another physical server. I'm planning to do these steps: 1- Backup ERA Server 6.1 DB 2- Update ERA Server from 6.1 to 6.5 version 3- Then upgrade Era 6.5 to ESMC v7 in the old server 4- Install ESMC v7 in the new physical server 5- Backup ESMC v7 from old server 6 Restore the ESMC backup to the new server I'm following the best practices with these steps? Or I could just install the ESMC V7 at the new server then backup the database from the old server and restore on the new one? I'm kind afraid with the differences in the engineering between these versions may give us inconsistency data's. Very thanks again!
  8. Good Morning guys. We're planning to upgrade from ERA Server 6.1 to ESMC 7 soon. I'm having some doubts about it, if someone elucidate these questions I would be thankful. 1- The old 6.5.522 Agent installed on my clients will be compatible with the new server (ESMC 7) if I migrate the DataBase correctly from the old Server? Or I will have to upgrade all agents from my network to the latest version (7.1) before migrate my server? Since if It's not compatible i won't be able to send a command to update the agent, and I will have to do this manually, right? 2- I already read about this and says it compatible, but I'm not sure. The ERA products license is compatible with the ESMC products? Thanks in advance.
  9. I just tried and now it's working fine! Thank you for the support!
  10. Greetings. Don't worry, thanks for your help!! I'll receive some feedback when the problem is solved? Or I should just try again next week? Again, I'm grateful! My best regards. Caio.
  11. How viable it is to do this update? There's any chance that I lost the communication with the ERA since I had old agents installed in my terminals? I mean, I will have to update/reinstall my agents? PLID: 3AG-N9F-K2W Public IP: -EDITED- Can you check if the license is corrupted please? I had plans to do this ERA update later, I'm having to focus in other projects for now... My best regards, Caio.
  12. Guys sorry for taking too much long to reply, the company who i work for is going through a floor change and I had to focus other things. ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version 6.1.444.0ESET Remote Administrator (Webconsole), Version 6.1.334.0 Which details did you need it? Make it sense, cause when i try to activate locally, by the software options, works fine. But when I try to activate by the ESET Remote Administrator returns me that exception. Thank you guys. My best regards, Caio.
  13. I dont have installed the ESET Security Management Center in my ESET server, nor in my terminals. I always was able to do this remote activation, since I changed the license the error start to appear. I don't think is a JAVA license problem too because of that, this start to happens just after changed my license. I have a big number of terminals and this function not working is becoming a trouble. My best regards. Caio.
  14. Good evening. Recently I renewed the Eset Endpoint Security license, extending for two years and adding more licenses to the contract. But since then I'm having trouble when i try to create any task on the ESET Remote Administrator that uses these licenses, keeps giving me this pop-up "Failed to create task: Invalid task configuration". The server is returning the following exception: "sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.common.model.exceptions.EraRequestHandlingException/2609433047" When I try to active my terminals directly putting the license in the AV software, it works fine. The license only fails when I try to use them by the ESET Remote Administrator, before i renewed the license i could execute those tasks with no worries, this start to happen after the new license was given due to the renovation. I'm also not forgetting to fill any mandatory parameter. My best regards. Caio.
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