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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to AlSky in High use of Memory by ESET Internet Security   
    Thank you very much for your support. This is what we all need, people committed to helping and improve things.

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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to itman in High use of Memory by ESET Internet Security   
    This is noteworthy.
    I just ran an Eset custom scan of my OS drive excluding WMI and registry scanning; something I asked the OP to do. When the scan started, ekrn.exe was using approx. 90 MB. I monitored ekrn.exe memory usage for a while when the scan ran. I observed ekrn.exe memory usage rise and fall during the scan but never exceeding 120 MB, and at times using less memory than when the scan started. Unfortunately, the PC entered sleep mode while I was away, so I wasn't able to determine what ekrn.exe memory usage was at the end of the scan. Upon resume from sleep mode however, ekrn.exe was using 50 MB of memory.
    "My money is on" WMI probably, and/or registry scanning as the culprit. Scanning of these areas have been problematic since Eset started doing so.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to AlSky in High use of Memory by ESET Internet Security   
    But all customers pay the same when we purchase our license. It isn't a valid argument that ESET has no interest in fixing problems for customers using a minority OS. I paid the same as you and everyone and I have the right to demand the same support. And if not, let ESET warn: "If you use the following OS (list) we won't be responsible for how the ESET product will work or solve any problems that arise".
    But they don't, so I have right to support. No more than others, no less than others.
    On the other hand, we don't know if the problem is related with the OS. Maybe yes, maybe not. So far, in the absence of a thorough analysis, the evidence points to a memory leak problem after doing an on-demand scan. The memory used is not free after it as it used to be (and as it should be anyway). Memory leak isn't a problem of the OS but of the specific software, in this case it's the ESET software.
    On the other hand, I don't understand the apathy of the administrators. I thought that the Spanish support was bad, but I have seen that here is even worse. Administrator Marcos answered quickly requesting to dump of ekrn and log with Log Collector. As the English language isn't my native league and there are technical words that I don't understand well, I asked to indicate me with some screenshot how to do a dump of ekrn because I wanted neither to lose my time nor that of other persons doing a dump incorrectly. In other threads I have seen that are shown screenshots with the options that there is necessary to enable and disable in order to do some things. It isn't to ask too much the same deference. But there was no answer.
    With something of patience on the same night I managed to do a dump of ekrn and the Log Collector (that last yes I knew how to do it). I sent it two times through PM to the administrator, two times because sometimes the reception of the MP can fail. No answer. Marcos has answered in this same thread to other users (to you between them) but not to the author of the thread.
    Honestly, I don't understand the behavior of the administrator. In any case, he does a disservice to ESET.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to AlSky in High use of Memory by ESET Internet Security   
    Yes, you are right, it's Windows 8.1. I found out that the problem happens just after on-demand computer scan. The first time was the March 28th, after scan, the usage of RAM reached 821 Mb and 25% of RAM. I uninstalled the ESET product in Safe Mode and reinstalled it. Immediately after installation the use of RAM was 164 Mb (normal) which grew to stop at 340 Mb. (This hapened last March 29th.) Yesterday I did a new scan and RAM usage reached over 700 Mb. I switched off the computer, waited more than 13 hours before switching on. No, like the previous time , more than 13 hours later and memory had not been free.
    I forced the switched off of computer (it must not be done, but I didn't find another solution to close the process ekrn.exe without uninstalling again) and after this forced switched off the use of memory is relatively normal again: right now 270 Mb.
    A computer friend of mine has told me that, in the absence of other problems with the computer or programs, ESET being the only one affected, it seems as if after on-demand scan the antivirus could not free the memory used. But then it would be a problem of the antivirus.
    So, right now I can't use the on-demand computer scan except if I'm ready to uninstall and reinstall ESET every 10-15 days, or to force the switched off of the computer. And no, I don't want to do either.
    I wonder if something has changed in the way ESET does on-demand computer scan. Until mid-March the analysis record did not show something that since the end of March it does: Working Memory = C :\Windows\explorer.exe - is correct
    May it be the cause?
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to 3s3tus3r in ESET Browser plugin for firefox   
    @Marcos I was making reference to this:
    Quais navegadores de internet são suportados — o Microsoft Edge é suportado? Não, o Microsoft Edge não é suportado. Porém, o Gerenciador de Senhas ESET suporta todos os outros grandes navegadores, permitindo que você importe facilmente suas credenciais e identidades a partir de navegadores populares ou outros gerenciadores de senha. 

    >>>> *Firefox x64: A versão de 64 bits do Firefox não é suportada dessa vez. 
    The latter line translated from Portuguese to English:
    Firefox x64: The 64 bits version of Firefox is not supported at this time.
    From the Portuguese Knowledge Base URL:
    Anyway, I was trying to help.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Marcos in Parental controls block ALL internet access!   
    Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector. It could be that you have the unresolved category blocked and DNS requests are failing for whatever reason (firewall, router, ISP).
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Screek in Parental controls block ALL internet access!   
    I have setup Patental controls on my sons’ laptops (Windows 10) but even though I allowed specific sites we cannot access anything at all in the internet.  I have tried on both MS Edge and Firefox, the browser makes no difference.  I have to disable the Parental controls to restore  internet access. It blocks everything on both the parental account and the child account. 
    Please help.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to peteyt in Windows 20H1   
    Yeah just slowly being rolled out
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    BeanSlappers received kudos from Peter Randziak in Can't update eset since being on 20H1   
    Hey everyone:
    I stand corrected,  it was because of my ISP messing up my freaking net again.  I am sorry I though it was to do with the software.  But I have had a go at them and now they have fixed it.  So everyone, if you AV doesn't want to update and you know that nothing else was wrong with your PC or connection normally,  then get on the blower to you ISP and get them to refresh your line and see if that works. 
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to peteyt in Windows 20H1   
    Updated today to the stable version of build 2004 and haven't seen any issues. Seem to be slowly rolling it out now
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Marcos in Given up trying to get any support   
    You should be able to find authorized partners at https://www.eset.com/uk/partner/finder/
    If you have a valid license, you can contact the seller from whom you purchase it and extend it to 3 devices. It should be cheaper than purchasing separate licenses for each device.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Marcos in Given up trying to get any support   
    The license you provided was canceled. It was issued to a person from Afghanistan and had been used for activation on thousands of machines before it was canceled. If you have paid for it, unfortunately you have fallen a victim of fraud. To prevent this, we strongly recommend purchasing a license from an authorized seller.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Marcos in Given up trying to get any support   
    What did your local ESET support tell when you called them?
    I was unable to find any license registered with your forum registration email address. Please provide your public license ID.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Alloneword in Given up trying to get any support   
    Well i have to say i'm very miffed at ESET and it's so called support option, and have been forced to post here, ESET it would be nice is legal holders could get some decent support rather than having to post in open forums,
    I have an issue with both an email address to access an account with you 3 device, and also lic manager and constant errors, i'm not oing to post SN in open forum of course any chance andyone from ESET to reach out so i can find out what is goingon with Lic Manager etc
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to RichardR in Given up trying to get any support   
    Thank you for all your help.  I was still having problems with the license key, so I went ahead and purchased a two year subscription for two computers.  Can I have the days on the old subscription added to my new subscription?
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Marcos in Given up trying to get any support   
    According to colleagues from ESET LLC, you should receive a response within today. I assume it should be possible to merge the two license so that you have just one license key that will be valid for the existing period extended by the remaining period of the other license.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to RichardR in Given up trying to get any support   
    Thank you for your help.  I was told that it was not possible to merge the two licenses.  
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Marcos in Help   
    Please elaborate more on the issue that you are having.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to itman in Stop Echos - Pings   
    Specifically, echo reply is only allowed from devices in the Trusted Zone; i.e. local subnet.
    Alternatively, you can manually create an outbound firewall rule to block echo reply from a specific device. Then move that rule prior to any existing default ICMP rules.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to itman in Stop Echos - Pings   
    Refer to the below screen shots. Substitute the shown Local address for the DHCP assigned IP address for the local device you wish to block outbound echo reply activity. If you want to be notified about block activity, check mark the "Notify user" setting. Move this rule above any existing Eset default ICMP rules that exist.

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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Marcos in This guys test a few days ago with Eset   
    Even if we forget the fact that it's a synthetic test with Web access protection ruled out which is an important 1st defense layer in real world, ESET still scored 100%. However, disabling also real-time protection makes the AV product even more crippled since real-time protection affects especially HIPS as already explained. In real world that would equal to a situation when an attacker managed to log in remotely or locally with administrator rights, disabled or uninstalled the AV and then the user wondered how come the AV hadn't protected him or her.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Marcos in This guys test a few days ago with Eset   
    You can see in the test that ESET detected 100% of the samples in that SYNTHETIC (ie. not a real-world) "test" so no better result could be achieved.
    We have already commented on it as follows:
    This test is completely wrong. First of all, you skip the very first layer of defense - Web access protection which is very strong in ESET and blocks download from malicious urls which could save users in many cases from new malware even entering the system. Secondly, by disabling real-time protection you prevent HIPS from receiving events on the file system level and thus make HIPS and all HIPS dependent components ineffective, such as: Ransomware shield, Exploit Blocker, Advanced Memory Scanner, Deep Behavior Inspection, Advanced Machine Learning, etc.
    Disabling real-time protection is not just disabling the use of signatures which are, by the way, typically smart DNA signatures in case of ESET, ie. they only describe the malicious behavior to be detected. Disabling RTP prevents other modules from working effectively since they won't receive information about file system events which have nothing to do with signature detection whatsoever.
    In real world users must not and do not disable particular protection modules. If they do, they must understand they do it at their own risk and expose the machine to malware attacks and infection.
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    BeanSlappers received kudos from Serial.com in Future changes to ESET web portals   
    Have full control over devices connected to the account, like remote updates, remote settings, remote scanning etc.
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to itman in Site being incorrectly blocked with parental control.   
    Appears to me, Eset needs to do some serious QC in regards to their tech support infrastructure. I have seen previous moderators comments that in-country tech support is supposed to escalate the issue to Eset corp. tech support if the issue can't be resolved locally. Based on forum postings where local tech support was contacted, it appears this escalation is not being performed. 
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    BeanSlappers gave kudos to Marcos in Site being incorrectly blocked with parental control.   
    I don't think this would affect Parental Control in any way since filtering is performed by ekrn and not by a browser extension.
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