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  1. I have removed eset off my computer and gone back too kaspersky, and the free version. Letting the others that are currently on my licence at home finish up the license till August, then I prob won't be renewing it. Have a good night everyone. Peace and love to all.
  2. Hey, This is what is in my regedit and its happens with manual updating too: This windows etc are all fresh installs, installed from scratch, still had to turn off the firewall to allow the update with office. So yes it was cause of eset, because it didn't work when the firewall was on, so did a bit of troubleshooting, I turned off the protections first, that didn't work turned them back on and turn off the firewall, and it went through. I don't come here much unless I have already tested it on my end and by my end I mean done all the troubleshooting I can think of, and that is incl
  3. Typical, I come here for help, and all you lot do is accuse me of lying even though I have said what I done to be able to get the update. So tired of this. When my license is over I might change to a different company. Ya'll be doing this since I used to be on the beta.
  4. Hey itman, How are you dude? Even more goofy I don't have 2019 I have 365 with 5 license's to help friends and family and my self.
  5. Hey Guys, Why the heck is eset blocking microsoft office updates? How I know its the firewall because I just got it to allow all traffic and it allowed the update, sometimes its let through other times it's not, so why is this happening?
  6. Hey Peteyt, And that too, but its on the microsoft site, just get the media creation tool for May 2020 update. It's how I got it.
  7. Hey Sas, Along side what Marcos said (he's awesome too), I would like to suggest this: Open up Eset > Setup > Advanced Setup (bottom right corner) > Network Protection > Known networks > Next to known networks click on Edit > Find the one that you are using and what does it say there? Also right click on the network icon on your windows taskbar > open network and internet settings > Ethernet > Ethernet connected > And make sure that is set to private.
  8. Hey everyone: UPDATE: I stand corrected, it was because of my ISP messing up my freaking net again. I am sorry I though it was to do with the software. But I have had a go at them and now they have fixed it. So everyone, if you AV doesn't want to update and you know that nothing else was wrong with your PC or connection normally, then get on the blower to you ISP and get them to refresh your line and see if that works.
  9. Hey guys, I upgraded to 20H1 and now I cannot update Eset: Time;Component;Event;User 30 May 2020 3:00:52 PM;Update;Server not found.;SYSTEM That is what I get now.
  10. Hey guys, Hey I just updated to 20H1 and its out of beta too, and I have found that it works but I cannot seem to get IS to update now.
  11. Hey, Your say that, mine says: Time;Account;URL;Status;Match Type;Match Values 21 May 2020 1:38:13 PM;ZAKELA\Tony;https://track.news.bingoblitz.com;Blocked;Category;Adult 21 May 2020 1:38:19 PM;ZAKELA\Tony;https://track.news.bingoblitz.com;Blocked;Category;Adult 21 May 2020 1:38:19 PM;ZAKELA\Tony;https://track.news.bingoblitz.com;Blocked;Category;Adult 21 May 2020 1:38:19 PM;ZAKELA\Tony;https://track.news.bingoblitz.com;Blocked;Category;Adult 21 May 2020 1:39:59 PM;ZAKELA\Tony;https://track.news.bingoblitz.com;Blocked;Category;Adult 21 May 2020 1:43:39 PM;ZAKELA\To
  12. Hey guys, How is https://track.news.bingoblitz.com Classed as an adult site when its for a game on facebook? It makes no sense at all for it to be as a adult site.
  13. Sorry but NSA, GCSB, Five eyes, and prism, all have there hands in this, Microsoft, Google, and NSA have agreements, which allows NSA to have a nosy. NSA will never help with covering flaws in Microsoft fully, because they would want access into everything, but then again they already do. It's all been since this spy initiative about hunting terrorist etc, or some lie like that. So when ever I hear something new, I go into a deep dive for info, but I wanted to give Eset a chance to tell me the truth be for I deep dive in this too. See, I'm about privacy, like I think intruding into some
  14. Hey, Yes but what goes on behind the scenes is a different story. I know norton still does.
  15. Hey guys, I have been doing some research and I come across things that av companies are allowing government level spyware though (whitelisting them). Is eset one of these companies?
  16. I know :-). Always pays to know things in case I take my PC away from home.
  17. Topic has been resolved hence why I said thank you a few replies back but I cannot find a way to make it as "answered" or "solved"
  18. I wasn't asking for my routers firewall. If I was I would have said :-). Also I know that GRC scans the routers ports and not the PC's ports. Unless i connect my PC directly to the ONT box then it will scan my PC. I have already turned off internet request for pings. Did that a while ago see: Also its got nothing to do with GRC with why I asked this question. Everything comes back stealth for the GRC scans:
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