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  1. Ok so I do have this module, but I thought that there would be setting to play with, as far as Advanced Machine Learning module: 1034 (20190919) is concerned. (Slowly getting better at navigating through the software.)
  2. I'll check again I know I have though, buy I did look through the settings and couldn't find anything to play with there.
  3. I do have my updates set to pre-release and have done for a while and I still didn't get that.
  4. I would love to know too, so far all Eset is giving us is in the Q4. which is any time between now and christmas. But I would love to know that too.
  5. I have had this problem too. Are you entering the license key correctly?
  6. I know I'm on the beta testing for the mobile version since I know that one pretty well so far. That's been good.
  7. That's really cool. Maybe after I learn more of the ins and outs of the software I might be able to join.
  8. I know, I was just asking because zonealarm use to give licences away for people doing it. I don't know if they still do. I was doing it for a while for them years ago and for a few other companies too. I actually enjoyed it.
  9. Thank you so much, its showing images in discord again. Thank you once again... Kaspersky and Norton never worked this fast to fix anything.
  10. Wow that is awesome, Im going to reboot my PC now...... man I suprised with how fast you guys did this though....... I''ll reboot then test then I will be back to let you know if its worked or not.
  11. Ok so how does that work with making it work correctly on my PC?
  12. Ok cool thank you. I take it this is coming via update? I will let you know sometime between tonight or tomorrow morning when its worked or not.
  13. I wouldn't know what to put because I use the app for discord on my PC.
  14. Since updating to of IS version of Eset, I have noticed your parental controls doesn't like discord. It keeps blocking images and classing it as adult content when its not. I have to get some of these things to be sent to my messenger on facebook. This never has done this till update. And before you suggest turning of parental control, I shouldn't have to for things to work correctly because it was working perfectly before the update. If you suggest a roll back, then i cannot stop it from updating to the lastest again. So really the problem is probably in the software or coding for the new version.
  15. Hey Georgia, Nice to see another kiwi in here too. Hey what type of internet do you have and what are the specs of your PC?
  16. Ah ok so after the pre release, how long till the official release?
  17. Is there any release notes that we can read for version
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