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  1. Hey Georgia, Nice to see another kiwi in here too. Hey what type of internet do you have and what are the specs of your PC?
  2. Ah ok so after the pre release, how long till the official release?
  3. Is there any release notes that we can read for version
  4. Question for you, when i get a 5 device license, can I go to the my.eset.com and give the license to the devices I want to have it? Or do I have to put it in manually?
  5. You and I both, I love the product and how it does things in the background. I agree with you with Avast, that app was very very unpredictable, I couldn't understand why a simple setting could do so much damage. I came from Kaspersky to Eset. I was with kaspersky for 10+ years. Was really loyal to them, got new customers in etc, but they just treat you like after a while, and their tech support is more like support with no knowledge of the products. I changed because of that and because of their forums where stupid as well and they treat people like they are stupid. Getting an answer can be a huge ring ma role which is I have been the type that just wants a damn answer and have things fixed and things working correctly. Eset support here etc has been a lot better. I too am still learning the way around things and watching and learning. I remembered how I resolved the problem, I used the advanced setup in the list of known certs for SSL/TSL and got it to get the certificate from protonmails website and then cleaned out the DNS cache and rebooted. After that its worked since then.
  6. I have had this problem too, and its only been since going to eset, but cannot remember for the life of me how I was able to access the site. For me it was doing it with protonmail.
  7. Have full control over devices connected to the account, like remote updates, remote settings, remote scanning etc.
  8. I would like to see users to be able have more options for the firewall. Let users have more control. Parental controls to block porn images as well. Allow us to force safe search.
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