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  1. I have already given it to tech support when they accessed my PC today and did everything that I did and found that I was right even though he tried to make out I didnt know what I was doing. Kinda also tried to explain to me what beta testing is, like I was stupid or something. Very ignorant at times too when I told him when the problem started with the beta with the parental control. After I told him this is not my first time beta testing, he then pulled his head in a bit, and found that I was right all a long that it is because of the beta as well. I have to say that Zone alarm has been the only company that I beta tested for that took my views and seriously and valued it to improve. Now that I have calmed down a lot, I still stand by my decision with my post on the insiders page. Oooo before I forget to mention, when the tech support dude say that he was going to escalate the problem. I also told him how can this company expect to improve if we are only going to be treated like this when we bring something up. After he shut up and started listen things started working out more. We both started being on the same page.
  2. Hard copy. Its works perfectly, in fact it works at the moment better then the whole time I have been with eset.
  3. Yes and Yes. I am able to copy and past it. Attachment Quota 102% You have used 50.96 MB of your 50 MB attachment limit.
  4. Nah it says it for when I go to attach something here in the forum. in red 102% yet there are only 4 files and I dont know how to delete them here so I can upload the new logs for Marco's.
  5. Wow, that is strange lol. Bugs seems to popping up more these last few months.
  6. I have been hearing that microsoft is trying to force people to move to windows 10 since this end of life for windows 7. I don't think that Eset will nag about this. Infact I have been using Eset for a while and its never nagged at me for anything, and I have recommended eset personally to windows 7 users and they have said the same thing to me that they dont have this problem either. Maybe it is malware on your PC or Microsoft up to their antics again.
  7. Thank you for your huge insight, I am a gamer, that is really the only thing holding me back from changing to linux, I dont know why I am so attracted to Kali though, its like its calling me but I dont want to give up on my gaming either nor have to pay for them again in steam for Linux. Thing is I have to be wise what I spend my money on, this even applies to security products. I use a form of linux on my server (NAS) which is QTS, I admit i do love the simplicity and how fast it is and dont need to tutu with that and this just to get 1 function working correctly without replicutions (unlike windows 10).
  8. Hey Peter, I get this message now: " Will be back soon. We are working on the website to make it better for you." Why does this site go down so much?
  9. I have a Intel i7 8700 @ 3.2GHz (4.6GHz turbo boost), EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB, 16 Gigs of ram DDR4's PC4-21300, 250GB SSD, and an 2TB HDD.
  10. Parental control just didnt want to work at all, its something in the pre release update that caused it. I since then changed it back to the normal one, and its working correctly, I still have the logs for it that I did but waiting on an email address or something to send it to someone because I cannot post it here since apparently I have reached my qouta.
  11. I did that log collection thing but I cannot post it here cause I have reached my qouta apparently.
  12. I dont understand what the hell this is supposed to be on the page for the address: https://login.eset.com/Login/Login
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