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  1. Marcus, This is what I have done: I have now removed everything and done it again in the exceptions and I am going to run an full AV scan again to make sure.... I have set it all to any detection too.
  2. Hey Marcus, I don't understand how it wouldn't be done right when i do it by the ... Also no a crack, all my games are legal...
  3. So far I might have out smarted the AV with how I did the exceptions now... BUT the point is if you add the whole folder as the exception. it SHOULDN'T be detected.
  4. Running now. but this is seriously frustrating. A simple thing not working.
  5. It's SUPPOSED to be from ANY detection.... how ever its freaking not working and its really frustrating me because I need this thing of mine to work and now its not since the modular update because the damn av keeps deleting it.
  6. Hey Guys, I'm getting a little frustrated with this, I have things in exceptions and yet detections even when in exceptions. Why are things still getting detected when they are supposed to be ignored.
  7. Hey pretty people, Just wondering, Modified Start up notifications, how do I turn this off? Because I cannot remember where I went to turn it on.
  8. I have removed eset off my computer and gone back too kaspersky, and the free version. Letting the others that are currently on my licence at home finish up the license till August, then I prob won't be renewing it. Have a good night everyone. Peace and love to all.
  9. Hey, This is what is in my regedit and its happens with manual updating too: This windows etc are all fresh installs, installed from scratch, still had to turn off the firewall to allow the update with office. So yes it was cause of eset, because it didn't work when the firewall was on, so did a bit of troubleshooting, I turned off the protections first, that didn't work turned them back on and turn off the firewall, and it went through. I don't come here much unless I have already tested it on my end and by my end I mean done all the troubleshooting I can think of, and that is incl
  10. Typical, I come here for help, and all you lot do is accuse me of lying even though I have said what I done to be able to get the update. So tired of this. When my license is over I might change to a different company. Ya'll be doing this since I used to be on the beta.
  11. Hey itman, How are you dude? Even more goofy I don't have 2019 I have 365 with 5 license's to help friends and family and my self.
  12. Hey Guys, Why the heck is eset blocking microsoft office updates? How I know its the firewall because I just got it to allow all traffic and it allowed the update, sometimes its let through other times it's not, so why is this happening?
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