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  1. Hey guys, Just letting you know that you can still upgrade to windows 10 for free from windows 8/8.1 and 7, and I know this because I recently upgraded my mates laptop to windows 10, using his license that is embedded into the mobo. How? I used the media creation tool to do the upgrade.
  2. How long does it take before I know if I can do it or not?
  3. Since I am getting better with the software itself slowly, its totally something that I would consider that is for sure.
  4. I just want to say that I am loving how fast help is when I'm unsure of something, and how this company seems to care about its customers. I have been through heaps of security software in my time, but this company is super fast at helping people. Thank you.
  5. I have got my AV to to scan everything except archives now and it is a lot more faster. On my SSD and my HDD's.
  6. I decided to actually just do another scan now, thought screw it, and that was what needed to be turned off. Thank you Marcos.
  7. Ok thank you I will give that a try and get back to you tomorrow about it.
  8. Antivirus scans now takes 3 hours for all drives, why is it since version 13 its been taking this long?
  9. Use shut up and see if that helps (for windows it self) it's from o&o
  10. Yeah that is why I use shut up, everyone I know uses that, helps stop them spying and it actually works.
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