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  1. @itman: Have you tried resetting your profile? Since I think it was you that suggested to do this with my problem, these problems with FF in the event logs have done away too,
  2. @COStark26: I have SSL filtering active and its working well for me as it shows on Marco's screen shot. I am just wondering have you reset your profile on FF? I remember having an issue at one stage, and resetting the FF profile actually helped.
  3. You and I both, I have changed from kaspersky to eset, I'm going to be buying a license. Their support on here so far is sooo good, and it doesn't slow down my system nor my phone. I am glad that I have made the change.
  4. How do I do this? I am not to sure remember I am still new to this.
  5. Ok well i do the pin, but even when i do unlock the phone, it still doesn't let me into the certain settings on the phone cause it keeps doing the same thing. Parental control is in child mode (because a friends granddaughter is normally wanting to play on my phone, so I need to make sure that she isn't going into things that she shouldn't, but then when I have the phone back I need to be able to access these settings on my phone.
  6. Have full control over devices connected to the account, like remote updates, remote settings, remote scanning etc.
  7. Just wondering, why is it that when the phone is rebooted, it seems to not keep the settings that I have for example it says that not all of the anti theft is enabled etc. Why can't this be simple and just work every time the phone is rebooted?
  8. Can we have a option on what we can lock out and what not? Because I am testing this out on my phone, and I find that when I go to some settings it locks the phone, I think that we should be able to control this instead of the parental control. I think that turning app control off should stop this from happening too. Is there any way around this excluding removing the software off my phone?
  9. UPDATE: Well F me, it works now. I redid the profile thing again, used cleaner to clean everything, used IP config to flush the DNS stuff, rebooted. AND BOOM, it works now. PERFECT! Thank you guys, I will be totally buying this software in 2 weeks.
  10. Done and still the same its still says godaddy with going to the pages. on firefox.
  11. I don't get that notification either, just lets me through to the site.
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