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  1. I already know about the firewall, my nas is going to be strictly set up with everything I read up about. Can't have to much people and device's accessing it.
  2. That's not true if your computer isn't the only one using it.
  3. Ok thank you I got a little confused, doesn't help I'm tired. But yes it's a good idea, and an antivirus for it too .
  4. Hey everyone, Does Eset have a antivirus for Qnap NAS's?
  5. Hey, I'm lost for words with this, I have not see porn on this site and yet its blocked under adult. The link is below: https://www.sacred-texts.com/
  6. Hey bseverson, I have the HP printer 4520 envy, and I have not had this problem, but I do know that HP printers are buggy as hell. I can't even reinstall the new drivers even after completely removing the printer drives from windows, and this has been one of the main problems plus more after a year of having the printer. My best suggestion would be do what Marcos has suggested, and if that works then add an exception rule. If not then blame HP for having useless products that some of us wish we didn't get lol.
  7. Awesome thank you Marcos. I'll send you a PM about something else too.
  8. Just wondering I know that version 13 was not log ago released, but when is the v14 coming?
  9. How do I know if I got in because I filled the link out that I was given and no one has got back to me yet.
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