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  1. I will have a look and see if the mods get around a few concerns thks
  2. Thanks for the reply. The idea of blocking filenames is not just for malware and virus-related purposes it also stops users from installing a pre-set of unwanted programs. Users with admin rights are forever installing programs by themselves (torrent related) or accidently due to software updates (drivermagician.exe etc). Yes viruses change the executable name but we have also found that there are a lot that keep the same executable file name. These additions are an additional layer of protection. The sysinternals suite seems a bit complex and time consuming to adapt. Possibly group policy may help. The idea of blocking entire folders is valid and used carefully. EG C:\PROGRAM FILES\TIXATI\*.* will block users from installing the torrent client. %homepath%\AppData\Roaming\*.exe - this is a recommended Mcafee insertion that we have used and never had any issues. I still feel that there should be a mechanism to restrict users from running a set file name. Thanks
  3. Hello, We have just migrated from Mcafee EPO. We are using the latest version of ESET endpoint for windows. We are told that we cannot create a policy that stops computers creating the following files from any process. We could with Mcafee EPO. Examples below. Stop creating the file in any folder EG.. myresume.exe news.exe DriverMagician.exe driverupdate.exe partypoker.exe Payment order details.doc Stop the folder being created EG.. C:\PROGRAM FILES\TIXAT Even wildcards in any folder EG.. *.tmp.tmp *.lol! *.toxcrypt Wildcards in a specific set of users folders EG.. %homepath%\AppData\Roaming\*.exe Has anyone found a way? Thanks in advance.
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