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  1. All the PCs are running Win 10 x64 1809. Just after enabling advanced logging, NOD32 has notified an update. I have done it and restarted the system and now all the IMAPs servers work fine again. 😦 It's strange because the first thing I did, after experiencing the issue, was to check updates, but the software appeared to be up-to-date. Thank you very much. I hope the problem will not occur again.
  2. Yes, I have one Gmail account and other four different accounts (Aruba and Fastweb). Same issue with all accounts. I also have two other computers on the same net with Thunderbird, the same accounts and Nod32 and all works perfectly.
  3. Hi, I'm experiencing a problem with Nod32 and the email client Mozilla Thunderbird which can't connect anymore to IMAP/IMAPS servers. I tried to disable the IMAP and IMAPS protocol scanner in Nod32 configuration and Thunderbird connects again to IMAP/IMAPS servers and it downloads emails without any problem. If I reactivate the IMAP/IMAPS scanner, the connection to IMAP/IMAPS servers is blocked again. Until yesterday all worked fine. The operating system is Windows 10 64 bit. What could be happened? And what can I do to solve? Thanks.
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