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  1. Problem solved. All thanks to @Marcos. My path to C:\Windows\temp was incorrect somehow and it caused error. Everything is fine right now.
  2. Thank you @Marcos for your time. I sent log in PM because I do not know if the log contains sensitive data or not.
  3. hi, I wanted to test eset nod 32. Unfortunately after installing the trial version, when I try to update the virus database I got error. Updates can be downloaded but at the last moment ESET gives the following message "Error creating the temporary file". It's strange for me, but I started to googling to solve this issue. I'm using Win7 64bit and polish version of nod. The first thing which Idid was download an eset uninstaller and uninstalling nod32 with help this thing in safe mode. Didn't help. The second thing was cleaning C:\Windows\temp. It's didn't help too. So please tell and help me what I could do more.
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