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  1. Yeah thats the problem this BSOD does not make any memory dump But I have already started with reinstalling system I made bootable USB with copy of my system ISO ( the same way i did with ESET SysRescue that didnt worked previously) and reinstalled OS
  2. Last Known Good Configuration leads to same BDOS
  3. Well I had the same version of ESET on my backup OS so I copied the ehdrv.sys from there to my original system yet it did not changed anything I went to other solution of making ESET SysRescue but i have run into problem that i think is caused by my mistake ? when i try to boot the ESET rescue from USB i get error that no operating system was found on that device even when I followed tutorial on how to make USB bootable and i think it was sucessful since system started showing the USb with icon of ESET rescue logo + its renamed from original drive name to ESET SysRescue etc ... i guess im left with reinstalling system ...
  4. Exact version of my ESET was v10.0.390.0 and im on 64bit OS Thanks for your effors on helping me
  5. I uninstalled V10 thru programs and features in my Windows 7 so i could upgrade to newer one but the moment i uninstalled v10 and restarted system as program suggested I was not able to boot back to my OS no matter what Im in pretty same situation as previous user here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/15662-uninstall-causes-bsod/ But my main problem is that I cant boot to Safe mode as well im under same BOSD no possible system configuration via F8 when selecting OS is working I always end up in same error So i was reading about this error caused by NOD32 since i found several ppl with same problem but none solution worked for me yet as I cant ininstall program properly via ESET uninstaller that your company provides which i belive would solve my problem since most ppl here said it solved this error for them but I cant get to safe mode ... There were some tips by some users that i did so far 1. Manually delete all ESET drivers in the following path: C:\Windows\System32\drivers. For ESET Internet Explorer, the following drivers may appear in the drivers folder: eamonm.sys, edevmon.sys, eelam.sys, ehdrv.sys, ekbdflt.sys, and epfwwfp.sys. To check and see which items are ESET-related in the drivers folder, hover over each item starting with the letter ‘e’ with your mouse: The ‘Company’ name should be ESET. 2. Delete all ESET folders. Check the following paths: C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files (x86), C:\ProgramData, C:\Users\Admin\AppData(\Local, \LocalLow, \Roaming). 3. Remove ESET from the registry, using the following paths as reference: HKey_Current_User > Software > ‘ESET’ & HKey_Local_Machine > Software > ‘ESET’ Eset services are stored in this registry key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services The service names are: eamonm, edevmon, ehdrv, ekbdflt, ekrn, epfw, epfwwfp, ESETCleanersDriver Yet nothing helped yet
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