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  1. Hi i am testing 7.0 beta I got everything installed up and running but i have some issues 1. I got from Eset support that i need to change password for Root: sudo passwd root That is working but i cant log in with putty with root (Not a big problem) 2. I need to set a password for Gui to secure then i tried sudo ./setgui with parameters -g, --gen-password Generate new password -p, --password=PASSWORD Set new password i cannot get that to work Error: ESET File Security BETA Error: Cannot change GUI configuration: Failed to set values, path Settings.Plugins.Authd.Simple.Password status 1 3. Then my biggest problem i cant get file scanning to work with Icap on our Sharefile Citrix server On 4.5 i used icap://server/av_scan or icap://server/avscan and set ICAP Service path /av_scan I cant find this option in 7.0 so i dont now what to use for "url of the icap response modification server" What i found in the manual is icap://X.X.X.X:1344/scan but that is not working I tried: icap://server:port/avscan icap://server:port/av_scan icap://server:port/scan icap://server:port/ Response: Valid. ICAP Version: "9bbaaa9e9422800c-25995375" and get respond that Icap server answering but Icap server not scanning any files
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