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  1. My PC has an error message. All my files got deleted and I'm not able to click the window tab and open the menu setting.
  2. I have installed the standard Windows 2016 server with 6 RDS users. Suddenly, this slows down and performance is poor; some services also stopped after restarting. I checked the CPU Resource Controller 2% 32% of the RAM and the use of the disk is 48% when the execution of an application is frozen and RDS stops responding, so we have to restart the server without knowing what is happening. Answer
  3. Hello Peteyt, Thanks for your opinion.
  4. Hello Hpoonis, Thanks for your quick reply. You solved my problem. i got it
  5. Hello users, This question may be offtopic here, but i need your kind suggestions. I am now going to reinstall an operating system in my computer. I had Windows 10 earlier. Now I am thinking to use Linux. I have not used it before so I have a few doubts. Will it be difficult to use and understand Linux? Will Linux be faster than Winodows 10? Thanks
  6. hello friends, I am web designer. Thanks.
  7. Hello Araksi and all forum members, welcome to thr forum.
  8. Hello Peteyt, Thanks for your reply
  9. Hi Marcos Thanks for your reply.nice describing
  10. I am formatting my computer, I am struggling to decide on which windows to install. Windows 10 does not ask user whether to install upadates or not. Let me know your views on which to choose version of window.
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