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  1. Looks like things have resolved themselves now. Hopefully any folders found on C: drive can be deleted.
  2. Well, an update on things: Today, I tried clicking on the Start Menu link, and it no longer worked and asked me to delete it; so I did. The same thing happened with the desktop icon, so that's gone now. Whatever happened, whatever I did last night it seems to have gone now (although I expect there'll be a couple of folders here and there). Presumably the Quarantine folder has gone now too?
  3. In the Start menu, in the Recently Installed there is no delete option, rather a 'remove from this list' option instead which I have done. However, the programs in WIndows 10 are listed alphabetically and under 'E', the entry for ESET Online Scanner is still showing. The only options showing in that instance are: Pin to taskbar Run as administrator Open File Location and Uninstall As previously mentioned, Uninstall does not work. Therefore a possible option is 'Open File Location' which brings up the following location: C:\Users\Wendy\AppData\Roaming
  4. In the start menu, I am given an uninstall option, but that still has no effect. It is still present on the desktop and still will not remove.
  5. Hi. Although admittedly I do not use ESET products usually, I have tried the ESET Online Scanner. Unfortunately, it will now not remove (I have tried its uninstaller). It does not show up in Apps & Features. We use Windows 10 (Home, 64-bit), current version 1809 (17763.529). Any assistance gratefully received.
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