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  1. I am formatting my computer, I am struggling to decide on which windows to install. Windows 10 does not ask the user whether to install updates or not. Let me know your views on which to choose a version of the window. Thanks
  2. which Is the best graphics editor ? I LOVE PHOTOSHOP . What about you guys !
  3. try to find location , when and where the account is logged in or out. may be that time you will get some idea , why it is happening
  4. support team always helps. but sometimes we have chage settings for NVDA to solve problems to ourself.i am trying to learning
  5. i reinstall some of apps. may be geeting problems beacuse of those applctions only
  6. i aslo renewed my eset, cant see in app list, getting problem. anyone can help????
  7. NVDA Screen Reader is very good but sometimes gets little bit problems, need best support team, anyone can help?
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