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  1. Hi, I found this log from out SIEM that collect events from our antimalware: <12>1 2019-06-25T15:19:28.509Z ldsantv ERAServer 1708 - - {"event_type":"Threat_Event","ipv4":"xx.xx.xx.xx","hostname":"hostname.domain","source_uuid":"70bd887a-8e34-4b1b-b7ac-8b1100ea7aa5","occured":"25-Jun-2019 15:17:51","severity":"Warning","threat_type":"trojan","threat_name":"JS/Agent.OCJ","scanner_id":"Script scanner","scan_id":"virlog.dat","engine_version":"19582 (20190625)","object_type":"file","object_uri":"https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets-manager-dig/output/assets/js/prebid.js","action_taken"
  2. Hi, Our ESET Endpoint Security is detecting repeatedly the malware JS/Agent.OCJ when the users are accesing the several digital news (several urls) I've watched in virusradar and apparently this malware is new. A couple of questions: ¿ This name is standard between diferent antimalware products ? I wonder why this malware is not reported by another products like McAfee or Karpersky (I searched in the web with no result) ¿ Is this a false alert ? Thanks in advance Roger
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