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  1. I saw a website which only wrote about eset and got blocked ,I think because of eset staffs don't know Persian and don't care about content 😐 I just want to make sure about eset then write about it in my website
  2. no that would be only some information about eset products ,even for downloading I will publish eset official links which are available . No key sharing, no cracking, just helping users to know eset products ,how to use it and how solve their problems with eset products
  3. Hi I am from Iran, I am going to lunch a website to introduce security softwares especially Eset and translate eset help page content to Persian (farsi) to help Iranian users ( who are big fan of Eset) , here is my question and I need an official and reliable answer, will eset block my website? I am asking it because eset blocked many Persian website without a warning. Thanks
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