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  1. I attached the file ,tnx eis_logs.zip
  2. You mean first I try to update with both proxy and self-defense enabled and collect the logs,then disable the self-defense and restart my PC then updated it via proxy and disabled self-defense ( which works well) then collect logs again?
  3. I found the problem , whenever I disable self-defense it gets fixed . is self-defense enabled in your settings?
  4. I uninstalled firefox but still the problem exists, I saw similar problem in other pcs and I am going to find the problem and let you know, tnx man
  5. Thank you, and it was working even after a rebooting?
  6. There is no proxy in Windows settings bro, as I said eset works properly with IP address. Can you test it on your pc? Install ccproxy, appointe a domian name with local proxy in hosts file (for example: esetproxy.com ) and set the proxy in your nod32 or internet security. If it didn't work it means it is a bug and should be reported to developers.
  7. I think there are some left overs of previous version of antivirus on your system, try to uninstall it by eset uninstaller https://support.eset.com/kb2289/
  8. Just uninstall the software by eset uninstaller in safemode and install it again , https://support.eset.com/kb2289/
  9. No eset has independent proxy settings ( until you push the button detect system proxy and system proxy affect eset settings) and as I said with IP address it works, the problem is just with domian name
  10. yes, both nslookup and ping shows accurate response , all browsers have access to proxy server. I configured the proxy in setup -> tools -> proxy server and both eset livegrid and update servers are unreachable. I tested in update>my profile> connection option too. Are you sure that eset nod32 v12.1 has no such problem? and please note that whenever I repair the software by setup file , it gets well, ( but after rebooting again the problem shows up)
  11. Hi I have eset nod32 version: on my PC( windows 10 home edition 64bit). I should use proxy server to connect to internet , there is a problem which I wanted to report and ask for solution. I have set the proxy ,but nod32 can not connect to it and shows this error while updating : server not found I changed the proxy settings and instead of domain name I set its IP address. it is OK now, but I need to set the domain name in my settings because IP address is dynamic. it seems that the IP address can't be resolved from domain name , and there is no DNS settings in nod32 too, clearing cache won't help, just repairing the software fixes it but after a reboot again same problem comes up I really appreciate any help
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