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  1. ekrn closes but opens again automatically i want the message which says acess denied like any other antivirus and like the screenshot above
  2. Self defence is already enabled !! and i still have the same problem
  3. I'm windows 7 x64 bit There's a video showing my problem bandicam 2019-05-24 11-11-23-928.rar
  4. When i close eset service from task manger (ekrn.exe) it opens again automatically but the application closes Does that mean i'm safe against any virus even if the application is closed ?
  5. I've just downloaded,Installed ESET smart security premium,And i can just simply close it from task manger That's mean if someone hacked my pc he can just close the antivirus then uninstall it in 1 minute ! Is that the antivirus or it's a bug !
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