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  1. Hello, It has been some time and still there is no new version with Chromium fix. Is there anything coming? You've stated there should be a new release, but no exact date is known. Did something change in this subject? Regards
  2. Hello, Have you heard from the product manager yet? Is there any fix for this particular EAV for Linux behaviour? Regards, Sebastian
  3. Hello, We are using ESET Antivirus software on Ubuntu workstations. The latest is The problem is this version messes up chromium-browser rendering it useless (constant "aw snap!" errors). There is a fix for Home users in version Can we expect to have the same fix for Business Edition? Regards, Sebastian Samulczyk
  4. When can we expect updated version of business edition? On download page there is still 4.0.79 available to download and the bug with Chromium is very annoying.
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