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  1. No, I do want to run a scan of files with a specific extension or file names on a remote machine in my domain. I thought this could be achieved with the run command task, but the output of the commands isn't returned to the web console. is there a way to run a command and get the resulting output as a report on the web console?
  2. What if i did a run command? would i be able to get the result of that command? I.E: "where /R C:\Users\other /T *.txt" How could i get the output to display in my remote admin?
  3. So ESET doesn't have a remote file search logging ability right now?
  4. Thers is no way to search for specific file names and get a list, like using sysinspector or something?
  5. I have a complete domain setup with ESET, it runs scan regularly and warns us as expected if any errors occur. Is there a way to scan for a particular file, or file name, or content in a file on all ESET installed client stations from the administrator remote desktop? This needs to happen silently and the users should not be interrupted. Assume the potential of a wildcard like * or ?: Example real file name: test-test1-test2.pdf Can we go for a search which searches for all files which have the word test and is a PDF? the detection engine for
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