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  1. Australian support have advised me they have an APK file available from the link below with full functionality. Please uninstall the software and restart device. Download directly on device from the link (and guide) https://support.eset.com/kb6563/ Activate with your license key
  2. Marcos. Independent of what ESET facilitates in its service, anti-theft will no longer work because Google have removed features in the phone. Please acknowledge - Google have stated THEY have removed it - the ESET anti-theft portal isn't going to put it back.
  3. Not since an update in the Google Developer Policies...
  4. Since very recently, the eset anti-theft online portal says all my android devices need to be optimised since mobile data it turned off. Thing is, mobile data is on and ative and working. Well, a check of the mobile app under anti-theft, SMS text commands shows it is disabled. I go to enable it and get a screenshot (see attached) which states : New Google Play Permission Restrictions. Due to an update in the Google Developer Policies, the following features have been removed from ESTS Mobile Security: - SMS text commands - Trusted Friends I guess that means anti-theft and the ability to find my portable device is now dead?
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