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  1. That's perfect! I will test this now and add in an extra one for 6.* and wait for the agents to check back in! Thanks for all your help on this.
  2. Thanks Michal! Would love to know if it is possible! Do you have a list of version releases that i can use for the Dynamic Group Template?
  3. Thats amazing - thanks! Would i be able to use 6.* and 7.0* as my "variables" as it were or would i need exact version numbers and just add to my dynamic group template each time a new version is released?
  4. Hi Michal, Please can you write it out in the format i did above? I'm slightly confused as to how you do it as i wasn't aware you could combine different operations in a dynamic group. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am currently trying to create a dynamic group that will capture any client that isn't running the latest version of ESET. At the moment i use a group to capture any device on V6. I currently use: (AND) Installed software . Application vendor > Contains > ESET Installed software . Application name > Contains > Endpoint Installed software . Application version > has mask > 6.* This group works well and gives me any device that is a v6 machine and it attached to a client task to install the latest version of ESET v7 What i also want to add to that group is any machine that has ESET v7.0* installed as well. As the latest release is v7.1* Would the best thing to do to be create another group with the same rules but use 7.0* and setup another trigger and attach this to my client task to install the latest version of ESET? Ideally i would like all old versions of ESET on a network under one Dynamic Group. Thanks in advance!
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