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  1. Thanks very much, Marcos! If that's the case, then I take it that the malware didn't get a chance to do it's badness, and it should be safe to use the system still. I will wait until the full system scan is done regardless, but I appreciate the information. I didn't know if it was saying "ESET has stopped this potential attack" or if it was saying "ESET found something inside the system that may indicate a larger problem".
  2. Recently while browsing in Chrome, ESET threw up a warning that it had filtered an HTTP event. It gave a big red warning with the following info: Scanner: HTTP Filter Object type: File Object: {Redacted because it may be live malware} Detection: JS/Adware.Subprop.O application Action: Connection terminated User: {Redacted} Information: Event occurred during an attempt to access the web by the application {Path to Chrome} Hash: {Redacted, can be provided on request} My question is - Does this indicate that my system has been breached, and furt
  3. Duly noted, and thank you. It's now disabled. But in the meantime, what should I do to prevent this issue in the future, regarding the fact that ESET and Process Explorer are in a near-constant state of conflict? And even an exception rule doesn't seem to change that?
  4. Thanks much for the advice, Arakasi! I went ahead and tried to add a rule as you directed, allowing Process Explorer (and it's 64 bit version) to access programs and files. Sadly the logs persist in piling up. If it's safe to let this keep going as it does, I'm fine with that. I just have an unsettling feeling that the constant barrage of activity, blocking, activity, blocking, activity, blocking, on and on and on, is causing unnecessary wear on my SSD and CPU. SSDs only have so many write cycles in a lifetime, so if it's persistently writing over and over and over again because of this I
  5. Description: Please change the tray icon and GUI notification for Gamer Mode. Detail: Currently when NOD enters gamer mode due to a fullscreened application, the tray icon and GUI show a somewhat unsettling ! icon that is indicative of a more substantial problem, and the GUI says that "NOD requires your attention". This is unsettling, as gamer mode is operating as designed, there is no problem, and NOD does not require attention. With the prevalence of multi-monitor setups becoming more and more common, it's very likely that users will fullscreen an application, video, or game on a secondary
  6. Hello. I recently switched to NOD v7, and overall have been very happy since the transition. The only thing that has me somewhat worried is that I tend to have Process Explorer running at all times on my computer. Checking the verbose logs on NOD show that the HIPS is constantly blocking Process Explorer: 2/7/2014 8:51:01 PM C:\Users\[REDACTED]\AppData\Local\Temp\procexp64.exe Get access to another application C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\egui.exe some access blocked Self-Defense: Protect ekrn and egui processes Terminate/suspend another application,Modify state of anothe
  7. Hello - A while back I built myself a computer, and at the time I decided to use MSE as the antiviral suite of choice once my system was created. Since then, MSE has slipped noticabley in its detection and protection, and I am interested in replacing it. NOD32 is a highly recommended option that I am considering. HOWEVER: In the past I have had serious DISASTERS of compatibility and stability when trying to remove one AV suite and replace it with another. This leads me to a few questions before I choose to go with NOD. 1.) If I choose to remove MSE and install NOD, how can I be positiv
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