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  1. Description: Please change the tray icon and GUI notification for Gamer Mode. Detail: Currently when NOD enters gamer mode due to a fullscreened application, the tray icon and GUI show a somewhat unsettling ! icon that is indicative of a more substantial problem, and the GUI says that "NOD requires your attention". This is unsettling, as gamer mode is operating as designed, there is no problem, and NOD does not require attention. With the prevalence of multi-monitor setups becoming more and more common, it's very likely that users will fullscreen an application, video, or game on a secondary display - and see the icon or GUI for NOD on their primary display and become concerned. This is particularly disconcerting when first discovering it. I just now saw the ! icon while a video was full screened on another monitor, and clicked over to the ! on my primary screen to see what was wrong and needed my attention. Doing so caused the video to exit fullscreen, and caused NOD to exit gamer mode before I could realize what was happening. And so I spent a good 10 minutes going back and forth thinking something was more seriously wrong on my system than it was. Anyhow, just a suggestion! Thanks.
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