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  1. Yes, disabling while I'm doing the screen shots. Disabling the extension in the browser works. Thanks,
  2. Password Manager displays icons in data fields it seems to want to manage - see image with red circle. If I end the application, log out of Password Manager, then start up the application, I get a different set of icons - see image with orange circle. I'm writing some application documentation and I don't want these icons to appear when I do a screen shot. I do I get rid of the EPM icons? Thanks
  3. I'm using Eset PW MA ager a d is pretty much integrated with browsers. It realizes when password is required and seemlessly fills it in in most cases. (Icewarp email online app it doesn't fill in account) That does not seem to be the case with Android 9 on a Galaxy TB S3 (SM-T820) Seems I have to open manager, click on user icon and copy/paste account info. THEN I have to click on lock icon and copy/paste password. (Then you get unsecure password in clipboard message) Is there some setting that will give a Windows like experience in Android? I've added the PW manager e
  4. Desktop version of Eset has Banking & Payment protection. Does Eset Mobile v5.2.68 have it? can't find any reference about it. Thabks
  5. I have Eset Mobile Premium on a phone often used roaming. Security Audit keeps raising warnings about roaming. Is there a way of disabling these warnings, while leaving roaming on, short of disabling Security Audits?
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