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    Lethal received kudos from Nevi in Alternative Password Manager   
    Fair comment Nevi! Indeed most people find windows defender enough, added to a decent firewall.
    Still disappointing eset dont do a stand alone pw mgr.
    I also tried Webroot some years back, and they clearly havent kept up with what is expected.
    80% happy with bitwarden. cheers
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    Lethal gave kudos to N-One in Alternative Password Manager   
    Although I am quite happy with most of eset related products and services so far, the password manager definotely wasn't one of them. I couldn't understand why the appstore reviews were so bad bad but after trying it, I understand better.
    It is extremely difficult to navigate, sometimes requires you to sign into the main vault for no apparent reason and appears to only be supported on safari. I was going to use it as a back-up pwd manager but not going to bother as it's too inconveniant as a OS agnostic option.
    I would recommend looking into bitwarden or saaspass (blockchain based manager) too to see if they are viable options for you. 
    Whilst on the subject, I don't think there are any encryptd drive feature as part of eset suite for mac os client either? In which case you can use macfuse + cryptomator (both free) for encrypted file storage on mac. 
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    Lethal gave kudos to itman in Turn off or uninstall   
    This is also noted in regards to uninstalling Eset.
    It has a settings Export feature that will save all current Eset settings. As such, Eset can be uninstalled then painlessly re-installed with all previous customization's restored via Eset settings Import feature.
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