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  1. Thanks peteyt, I bought what I have directly (online). Not even sure eset has an Australian site... I have 'created a case' and I'll wait to hear. Looks like an upgrade to smart security premium might b the G.O. There are however some other fully functioned password managers out there. I particular refer to NordPass & BitWarden. Both have sizeable advantages, and are economical. Thx for the input!
  2. That sounds great NewbyUser. It also looks fine. However I only have a long standing Eset Internet Security Licence. Doesnt expire til 2023. I wonder if marketed seperately? regards
  3. Hi, I've been using eset for sometime and like it (way beta than avira or bitdefender for eg). I am seeking an alternative to LastPass. Does Eset a password manager (cant see any reference to one), failing that can anyone recommend a good free one (with unltd passwords held). I am looking at either NordPass, Roboform or Dashlane...leaning at this stage to NordPass. Appreciate any advise. regards
  4. Hi Tobias, Thanks for 'buying in'...really. Got you...'theoretically'. I have uninstalled and are running the new one. Did a restart in between...all good, just a shame. cheers Lethal
  5. Hi itman, Would NEVER dream of running two fully fledged security apps (malware is different). It is VERY unfortunate that I have to uninstall for the trial then, VERY. Thx for your advises. regards Lethal
  6. Hi itman, You assumed wrong and therefore subsequently provided the wrong advise. Looking forward to your clarification.
  7. Hi, I wish to trial another product for 2 weeks. It looks like I have uninstall Eset I.S. Would it be possible simply to turn it off for this period? Looking forward to some clarification. Thx
  8. Hi, I have just changed Android phones, and the new one (a Vargo VX3) has an unresolved threat that it identifies as the phones 'file manager'. The phone goes into 'spasms' if this is disabled, and it cannot be uninstalled or removed. (Disabling gives a continual and overriding error display). So I need to live with it....how do i get EMS (eSet Mobile security) to ignore it, and remove the constant notification. I didnt have this issue with the prior Samsung...but after 6 years it was time to evolve. Looking forward to your advises. regards Lethal
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