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  1. I see that Windows Updates are missing on a client. On the client itself I can see and view the KB numbers in the ESET UI. Is there a chance to see this information from ESMC via the log collection or any other way?
  2. But even than it isn't useful, because a feature just for "customer care" should be executable from the ESMC. Restricting the age parameter to 5 days would be a gold way. Even if you try to find problems. The problems occurred mostly in the last 48h... - just my 2 cents.
  3. I can launch a task, and I can define parameters as defined in https://help.eset.com/log_collector/3.2/en-US/?elc_cli.html This is nice. But for me it would be sufficient to define the "Default" settings when I aquire the logs. Currently it's the default and for 30days. Reducing it to the last 5 days, will cause the log creation to succeed. Or can I define a different profile, when clicking on the button in the computers "Execute Log Collector" Is there a way to define the default log creation without creating my own task?
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