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  1. Ive tried multiple solutions you both have provided. Also re installed chrome just again plus yes all my games are from steam
  2. Yes, there are only few apps that had to be reinstalled
  3. The pop ap also appeared after the "clean up". That is why I have started this topic and yes everything is put to active.
  4. I used this function so I could like start with brand new Windows but with my files so im not sure
  5. I even re installed Windows so...
  6. I am pretty sure I have none suspicious extensions installed. Also tried multiple malware removal programs. None of them has helped so far
  7. It's getting blocked in both Chrome and IE, with and also without all my extensions. This pop up appears randomly as far as I can tell
  8. Unfortunately I am not able to take a screenshot of the warning message as it has not shown since I posted my post. But here's the log eis_logs.zip
  9. Hello all! Even tho ESET has not found any virus in my PC I still keep getting these annoying "address has been blocked - amanda.run netc" or something similar. Any help? Thanks
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