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    Baldrick gave kudos to itman in ESET Internet Security 17... when will it be out?   
    Open Eset GUI. Select Settings -> Advanced setup -> Update.
    Select Profiles. Under My Profiles, select Updates. Change Update type to Pre-release update. Save your change.
    At this point, Eset will download the latest available pre-release update and will continue to download any new pre-release update until Update type is changed back to regular updates.
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    Baldrick received kudos from peteyt in Scheduled Scans   
    Simple one...rename the 'System Cleaner' to something more relavant/approrpiate to what it actually does, i.e., something like System Setting Restore or Suystem Setting Cleaner.
    Just calling it what it is now gives the impression that it is a system cleaner in the larger sense of the phrase, i.e., cleams temp files, registory, shortcuts, etc....like many of ESET's competition now bundle into their suites.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to Pumaferox in Scheduled Scans   
    Description: Re-enable the user to sort firewall rules (e.g. in alphabetical order) in interactive mode
    Detail: When viewing the contents of a folder in Windows-Explorer, the user can sort the items by any of the categories that are shown in the "Details" layout, e.g. Name, Date Modified, Type, Size etc. That possibility to sort items is essential when working with large lists. Users of the interactive firewall mode are collecting dozens of firewall items, and I found myself missing the sorting feature several times now. To me, this is an essential feature, affecting the usability of the interactive firewall mode.
    This feature has been requested way back in 2016 here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/7473-sorting-the-firewall-rules-list-by-name-date-etc/. As it seems, the list sorting feature was available in earlier versions. Please bring it back!

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    Baldrick gave kudos to Kevin Craig in Scheduled Scans   
    I am using Smart Security Premium v15, Home Edition, on a Windows 10 Acer Laptop.
    I frequently get "File is blocked for analysis" pop-ups, which are unhelpful to me, as they do not tell me which file, what the associated process is, or what path the file is trying to access.  The log file viewer of the ESET GUI, does not provide this information.
    As you can see from the attached screen shot, all that log provides is the date and time of the detection (for which I receive a pop-up) followed by a 'file safe to use' time and date (when the pop-up notification occurred).
    What I want to know is:  a)  What is the file name being blocked/analyzed, b) why it is being blocked/analyzed, and c) what program/file path is associated with the blocked file beyond "<Computer Name>/<User Name>.
    The support technicians have informed me that this information is not available through the home edition.  I would request that it be made available to the home edition.  I would very much like to know what process/program is behaving suspiciously enough to warrant a file being sent for analysis and why it is being sent  (i.e. looks like 'xxx' trojan.) and where this program/process resides on my computer (ie. drive and file path).
    I am posting the request here as that is where the support technician said I should post it.  The case number is:  #00389448
    Thank you,

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    Baldrick gave kudos to The_Eagle_007 in Scheduled Scans   
    Please introduce new features to ESET Smart Security Premium or ESET Internet Security.
    1. Add two factor authentication via sms text message over mobile device. A lot of users don't use 2fa based on authenticator app. Make sure sms based 2fa is required for any ESET login and for first time logging in over ESET Password manager's app over any platform. It is a basic feature which is necessarily required.
    2. Ask for Password when scanning "password protected zip files / password protected archives". Show a screen with ESET interface to provide user to enter Password when scanning via computer scan or context menu scan for password protected zip files and so that ESET can deal with the threats without decompressing the content of zip files. Kaspersky and Bitdefender provide such options. Its good to see if ESET introduces it as well.
    3. I think ESET protects keyloggers from intercepting data when entered into Protected browser. But ESET can provide Keylogging protection by scrambling the data entered in browser. Sophos Home Premium provides such features. It will be interesting to see such features in ESET Smart Security Premium.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to rotaru in Scheduled Scans   
    When I hover the mouse over ESET tray icon I get "ESET version....."
    First, everyone knows that the icon if for ESET, no need for explanation
    Second, displaying the version does not mean anything; we do not know if it is the last version or not, unless we search deep on the internet.
    More useful would be a message like :
    "ESET update performed at 10:25AM, 25.07.2022"
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    Baldrick gave kudos to nabeelmansoor in Scheduled Scans   
    Remove "More Tools" button and include all tools under the Tools option. "More Tools" button just does not make sense its an additional unwanted click to get into additional tools.

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    Baldrick gave kudos to AnthonyQ in Scheduled Scans   
    Apart from that, add sample submission function to Virusradar for convenient and traceable malware sample submission.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to nabeelmansoor in Scheduled Scans   
    Virusradar - Display threats in real time

    It would be nice to see if ESET's Virusradar display threats in real time - similar to Bitdefender's Threatmap (https://threatmap.bitdefender.com/) or Kaspersky's Cybermap (https://cybermap.kaspersky.com/)
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    Baldrick gave kudos to nabeelmansoor in Scheduled Scans   
    Missed Notifications:

    Add a Notification bell next to the ESET HOME tab providing visibility for users on missed alearts/notifications and threats.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to chileverde in ESET Internet Security breaks secure browser   
    Thanks for responding so quickly. I have followed your instructions (hope I followed them correctly). I set ESET Log Collector to collect logs only from the last day, hoping to avoid the problem of a file too big to upload. Still, the .ZIP file collected by Log Collector was about 117,00 KB, greater than the 100 MB limit for uploading files on the Forum. I extracted the .ZIP file and compressed the contents into a .RAR file which is around 90 MB, so it is just under the limit. I am sending the file to you in a private message for security reasons.
    I will be interested to find out what the problem file is, as it apparently is being loaded with both Firefox and Edge.
    I am still running EIS 15.0, but if I understand you correctly, I should now be able to upgrade to the current version (15.1) and no longer get the warning message and red badge.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to Marcos in ESET Internet Security breaks secure browser   
    A secure browser now behaves same as before with older versions of ESET (15.0 and older) ie. untrusted dlls are blocked from loading to the browser and no red badge is displayed.
    Please carry on as follows to help us determine the untrusted dll loaded by a browser on your machine:
    - with browsers closed, enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support
    - launch a secure browser
    - disable logging
    - collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to Marcos in In Password manager how can we delete duplicate data?   
    Thanks for the heads-up. I've reported an improvement in this regard for developers.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to peteyt in Scheduled Scans   
    As mentioned in this topic bellow 
    I'd like to suggest having a page that shows a list of all modules and their version numbers, dates etc. for both Stable and Pre-Release updates.
    The idea is simple - if someone thinks their product might not be updating, they can check the list, and see if their modules match. I've seen some people question that some modules haven't updated in a while, and have worried they have a problem. This would reduce posts about this, and mean people can possibly identify update issues.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to constexpr in Safe Banking   
    Thanks for info, I'll wait for your update.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to constexpr in Safe Banking   
    I have disabled self-protection on my testing env. I believe it shouldn't conflict with us even if EIS is not in default configuration (not mutually exclusive configuration, just not default).
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    Baldrick gave kudos to itman in Safe Banking   
    If HMP-A was actually able to teminate ekrn.exe, then there is a problem with Eset's self-protection.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to constexpr in Safe Banking   
    Definitely, if it is just addon, it shouldn't be problem. I just did a quick check with the latest trial version of HitmanPro Alert. It was win32 installer, no addon. Additionaly it register and execute:
    kernel driver hmpalert.sys service hmpalertsvc I tested (randomly selected) browser Firefox:
    In normal (unsecured) Firefox, hmpalert.dll was injected to browser main process. Our website redirection mechanism was blocked.
    Running Secure browser from desktop shortut gives me this:

    When I look on https://www.hitmanpro.com/en-us/whats-new/hitmanpro.alert. they updated their product to work in conjuction with our solution (in Build 785 and 771), but both products are still evolving.
    AFAIK, we got first ticket with combination of EIS and HitmanPro Alert several years ago. As both HPA and Banking & Payment Protection try to do the same (protect browser against others), it's natural that our and their methods are in conflict.
    I don't want to go to technical details, I just want to point on fact, that incompatibility has been there earlier and it's even expected.
    And as they claim in FAQ:
    Q: Do I need to uninstall any security software before using HitmanPro.Alert?
    A: No. HitmanPro can be used all by itself or in conjunction with another security product.
    Obviously, they want to be installed as parallel guard together with another security product, so they expect to face compatibility issues.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to itman in Safe Banking   
    There were past issues with Eset's key scrambling in B&PP:
    Assumed is Eset did something in the latest releases to have this issue manifest again.
    As I see it, it's up to Sophos to make it compatible again.
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    Baldrick received kudos from Moises David Morales in Scheduled Scans   
    I would like to suggest that LiveGuard is introduced into the Internet Security version for a number of reasons but primarily that it would improve EIS's ability to protect users...the ability to quickly respond to zero day threats is now a requirement of all ISs...and most of the competition that ESET faces is from ISs that have already implemented this feature.
    IMHO it should not be used as a marketing tool...ESSP already differentiates from EIS sufficiently given the current additional features available.
    Just saying...for what it is worth. 🙂
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    Baldrick gave kudos to itman in Service ESET Firewall Helper ESET "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\ekrn.exe" is disabled.   
    Manual Win service startup means the service won't start unless another service/process starts it. Assume Eset Service; i.e. ekrn.exe is starting Eset Firewall Service.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to artembankin in Huge memory leak in internet security 15.08.0   
    My pc is working 24/7 so it complicated - to analyze correct time
    I think couple of days .. because after yesturday`s screenshot with 1.7 gb leak - i force close ekrn.exe and after reboot - it began to eat normal 90 mb .....
    Today ,after less of a day - it consuming already more than 600 mb.....
    i think tomorrow it will be more than 1.2 gb....
    my ticket number is SR00176216
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    Baldrick gave kudos to Minimalist in Excessive Memory Usage   
    You can use Wetransfer for large files. It offers free service for up to 2 GB files in size.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to itman in Excessive Memory Usage   
    I for one am feed up with this constant Eset log upload issue due to their excessive size!
    If Eset requires users to create diagnostic logs for them to be able to perform problem resolution, then it is Eset's obligation to provide a "nob" user method to do so from the existing Eset GUI interface. It should not involve user input as to what log options should be selected and the like.
    Most important is the upload of these logs be performed automatically after logs have been created to appropriate Eset receiving servers. It is not the user responsibility to figure out how these logs should be uploaded to Eset.
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    Baldrick gave kudos to 007dave in Excessive Memory Usage   
    The problem seems to be in the update module.
    If I go to advanced setup (f5)->Update->rollback to previous modules (click Rollback)
    Apply settings.
    Again go to advanced setup (f5)->Update->Allow updates (click allow updates)
    Apply settings
    In the main window->update (click check for updates)
    After the update is complete, peak memory most time will increase.
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