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  1. Description: Rule to decide if a particular removable media will be scanned or not Detail: If I’m right, nowadays, the only thing we can do is to set a general rule that applies to every removable media that is inserted, in order to decide if it will be scanned or not (in the advanced configuration>malware analysis>removable media). I would find useful, if we could choose for a particular removable media (that particular USB key, that particular external hard drive, that particular DVD, etc.) if it will be scanned when inserted or not. This rule would override the general rule mentionned above. So, one could choose, for instance, as a general rule, to scan every removable device he is inserting, but add an exception (as a particular rule) to avoid the scanning of some particular devices which he knows are safe. I think this option could be set in the rules editor of the device control as an option between “Never scan / Always make a smart scan / Always make a deep scan”. Hopefully you like the idea. Kind regard.
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