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  1. OK. What is the recommended method of sending a 928 megabyte file? I cannot attach it to this reply, the max is 100M.
  2. The resultant efsw_logs.zip file, is 928 megabytes in size. Do you really want that whole file?
  3. A new Windows cloud-hosted server instance, with ESET File Security 7.0.12018.0 installed and updated, is being reported by ESET as having CVE-2017-5638.Struts2 "Detected". The server has neither Java nor Apache software of any sort, it runs IIS as a web server with PHP Manager for IIS and Microsoft Windows Cache Extension for PHP, MySQL 5.7 as database. This looks a whole lot like the following archived thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/18343-threat-log-question/
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