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  1. Thanks Itman. I will let you know the results of my testing of the IDS rule you recommended. Preliminary test are favorable.
  2. update is available. go to Update-> Click "Check for updates" (lower right) Issue still exists..
  3. Read the prior posts and reply with proper guidance Marcos and maybe I will.
  4. Installed a new cable modem/router, no difference. It is likely ESET or Microsoft or both. Time for ESET to start collaborating and fix the issue with Network Attack Protection (IDS) and IPv6...
  5. Thanks Itman. I appreciate your troubleshooting help. I think your initial thoughts that the router is bad may have some merit. I think the firmware on my modem/router maybe outdated and not correctly passing and/or sharing IPv6 addresses correctly confusing ESET and blocking the communications. I am working with my internet provider to check the firmware and possibly replace the modem to remove that piece of the puzzle. I have built my internal routing table to address intrAnet communications so PC to PC communication is now working. Thanks again.
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